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a set of rules specifying the correct manner of dress while on the premises of the institution (or specifying what manner of dress is prohibited)

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The dress code isn't meant to take away our individual voices but prepare us for the real world," says Taira M.
One company set up a committee of employees to put together a dress code, but senior management didn't like it," she said.
Carol pulled no punches when she remarked on how the dress code at the venue, which specialises in low-price pub grub and is often packed with people wearing sports gear and football strips on Riverside matchdays, was not being adhered to by many of the punters.
Mr Cummins also raised concerns about the clarity of the code, adding: "I have no issue with a dress code because, to paraphrase the chair, there are some right mingers, but I think it needs to be a bit more clearly drafted.
dress code that prohibited telephone collectors from wearing shorts, Southern Bell won their arbitration.
The school district rescinded its decision of a strict dress code to a more lax policy allowing images and fabrics other than solid colors.
The ministry does not have a specific dress code for women.
Pa Mboge, 16, said: "Since the dress code changed we feel professional and we feel we are in a work environment and not here to play.
FOR one day only, they forgot the strict golfing dress code.
REGARDING teacher and pupils' dress code which is currently being debated.
No, Oman does not need to have dress code for beaches.
DRESS CODE course code In "We have worked very hard for many years to establish ourselves as a benchmark for customer service and are making this statement today to reinforce that we will not allow our reputation as a welcoming sports venue to be tarnished by an isolated lack of judgement on our part.
Having a dress code in place, and requiring employees to dress in a professional manner, helps to convey a positive image to the public, and provides employees with guidelines of what is, and is not, considered acceptable workplace attire.
Enforcing the law: Some in the hardline establishment once again wish to crack down on women who do not take the dress code seriously enough.
Khaleej Times ran an online poll, asking Netizens if the Dubai government should enforce a dress code for visitors.