dress circle

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a curved section or tier of seats in a hall or theater or opera house

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1973: The Bridge Lounge became The Bridge Coffee Bar and was joined by a Bridge Bar, replacing the Garrick Bar in the Dress Circle.
Anthony Quayle, Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Festival 1948-56, extended the stage with wings in front of the proscenium and extended the dress circle (which had been "set so far back that you were almost sitting outside the theatre") (18) with boxes at the sides and another row at the front; Peter Hall, Director of the rechristened Royal Shakespeare Company from 1960-66, raked the stage and added an hexagonal forestage; Trevor Nunn, Director from 1968-1986, tried out Jacobean galleries running through the proscenium arch and across the back of the stage.
Served by the mess building, now reconfigured to house a cafe, bar, foyers and wcs, the cocoon contains a 650 capacity concert hall, split over a ground floor and dress circle mezzanine level.
Backed from 40-1 to 20-1, Victory Smile came with a well-timed run to beat Piachay by a length and a quarter, with Dress Circle the closest of the Waterhouse quartet, a half head away in third.
Pressure on the famous Crush Bar adjoining the dress circle should be eased.
The Australian film Amy, the Saturday night feature, was held off for fifteen minutes so a handful of church-goers could make the dash from pew to dress circle.
Front of stage pyrotechnics ensure you can feel the heat in the dress circle and are fully tuned into the action to follow and when Alexandra Burke sings the huge hit I Will Always Love You at the opening night finale, it ensured a remarkable standing ovation accompanied by cheers.
The interactive display will be in the dress circle bar during the run.
THEATRE STAFF: Jean Tibbott (nee Walton) is pictured back row, second right, as a member of the dress circle staff in 1956-7.
But anybody who has heard the sound of an orchestra in Symphony Hall, Birmingham, or even from the dress circle of the Bridgewater Hall Manchester, will know what Mr Petrenko is talking about.
What started with the occasional moron who thought that because he could shout at his television set he could do something similar from his seat in the dress circle has moved to its latest shame, via the insistent talking and toffee-bag rustling, to the inappropriate giggles and then to the hysterical whistles and shrieks that are now almost inevitably apt to greet the final curtain, particularly of a song-and-dance production.
I prefer it in the Dress Circle the view is great you see
I think the best seat in any theater is the center of the dress circle, which is the center of the front row of the balcony.
And one grandma in the front row of the dress circle had a fleeting and distinctly un-festive thought of 'what on earth am I doing here'.