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Synonyms for dreg

matter that settles on a bottom or collects on a surface by a natural process

a group of persons regarded as the lowest class

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a small amount of residue

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If you love vintage then Dregs of Society is a haven to indulge your passion.
Yes, the shorter poems of the Anthologia Latina, 78-188, The Codex Lamanianus, are considered the dregs of the dregs as far as literary merit is concerned, admits London-based classicist Kay, but once he began work on them, he found them to be of a much higher quality than he expected.
He appeared to me to be nothing more than an ageing self- opinionated yob who had been drawn from the dregs of humanity.
So has the Swedish voucher program skimmed the cream, leaving public schools with the dregs, as many U.
The Baptist Image: "A few of their ministers, in the principal cities and towns, were admitted to be men of some decency, but the sect as a whole was denounced as the dregs of Christendom" (33).
The Wheaton school is a unique, and uniquely lax, institution, where "the dregs of Chicago youth turned up," and "they limit enrollment to humans--for the most part .
When he was 12, to support his family, he got a job working for a company that bottled beer, where he got into the habit of drinking the dregs from the bottom of returned bottles.
After college Mast started Audio Dregs Records with his brother and recorded and produced his ambient debut Parking Lot Music in 2001 under his DJ name E*Vax.
But year after year of settling for the dregs is starting to get old.
The Mn removed from the unbleached pulp could be sent to recovery in the black liquor and could be discharged to landfill with the green liquor dregs.
Then I should not forbear seeking, or questioning, another of my nows in the antitheological Freud (not unrelated to a certain rescuing of Freud in the philotheological Lacan), when early in the Introductory Lectures, Freud confesses: "The material for [the] observations [of psychoanalysis] is usually provided by the inconsiderable events which have been put aside by the other sciences as being too unimportant--the dregs of the world of phenomena.
CARS made from nuts and built to run on wine dregs - the boffins at University of Ulster and elsewhere really are taking recycling to new heights.
Magiscroft Dregs took the team section by a single point ahead of Central, with Magiscroft Z a further six points back in third.