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a barge (or a vessel resembling a barge) that is used for dredging

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It's not uncommon for fishermen and dredgers to find wartime munition off our coast.
The dredger was proceeding from Holyhead towards its intended fishing grounds in Cardigan Bay at the time.
The dredger, which came from the west of the country and moved towards Benghazi, was destroyed.
It was unsafe to operate the vessel as a scallop dredger singlehandedly, the report added.
Chinese dredgers had been working in the past three months and had, so far, built an island more than 3,000 metre long and 200 to 300 metres wide, the report revealed.
WeSubsea focuses on delivering its clients safe and reliable titanium dredger technology and premium subsea equipment with superior performance that have been well proven in the harsh offshore environment.
The missing woman plunged into the sea after a collision with a dredger a mile off Felixstowe, Suffolk, at 1.
160414RIVER_015 | PD Ports Cleveland County dredger, left, and Able UK at Greatham, above.
The six vessels were four tugs, a hopper dredger and a jack-up rig and they matched a previous record for the number of vessels accommodated simultaneously on the slipways.
The six vessels, comprising of four tugs, a hopper dredger and a jack-up rig, matched the previous record for number of vessels accommodated simultaneously on the slipways.
The Damietta Port Authority is seeking to purchase a sea dredger at a cost of EGP400m at some point during the current fiscal year.
Van Oord deploys three trailing suction hopper dredgers and a cutter suction dredger, as well as a variety of equipment for placing the stone.
A gigantic plume of water and mud was thrown up by a huge German mine, safely blown up by Royal Navy bomb disposal experts off the Kent coast after a delicate operation to remove it from a dredger last November 28.
TH Sp traR ma seven Richard Gidney was cleared of manslaughter seven years ago after scots crewmen lost their lives when the scallop dredger sank off the Isle of Man in 2000.