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Synonyms for dreck

merchandise that is shoddy or inferior

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The only frightening thing about it is that there's someone out there who thinks this dreck is worth a cinema release.
htm) are below the poverty line , as welfare lifelines are cut away and the jobs market is stuffed with low-hours, low-pay dreck.
Even the most failed actress wouldn't be seen in such dreck.
Critique: Based on this first volume, "K-9 Cop: Case# 1 - The Dreck Report", author Erna Mueller can look forward to an every expanding audience of appreciative readers who will look eagerly toward the next installment of Spencer's adventures as a kind of reincarnated furry cop with four feet, a tail, and a nose to smell out that bad guys.
A nice counterpoint to the commemorative presidential dreck that fills D.
Another movie, the sci-fi adventure Dreck, is also being made in Swansea Bay, which is increasingly being used as a location by film and TV companies.
In the fiction that is my career as a writer, I fantasize that an intern at the press will call me up a week or a month from now, ebullient, excited, and offer to turn the dreck I write into a bestseller as reward for encouraging Mr Auster into their stable.
Publish Mein Kampf again, as a Bavarian publisher announced last week, and let a new generation look at Hitler's "masterwork" and see it for the dreck it is.
565) from his debate with Wolfgang Stein is amended to eyn dreck (p.
Which raises an even more terrifying prospect - that this impossibly dreary dreck is actually written.
Despite everything, including narcotics to dull the agony of cancer metastasized to bone and brain, Roy never lost his ability to tell the difference between what was good and true, and what was utter dreck.
From Wordsworth's "An Evening Walk" to Randall Jarrell's "A Man Meets a Woman in the Street" to John Ashbery's "Grand Gallop," which John Hollander terms "a great walk through urban dreck," the walking poem in the present tense repeatedly seeks the freedom of motion, the impulse of a moment.
I wrote Mary's voice in first and third person, discarded lots of dreck, and chose third.
Mark Lamos's Butterfly (as anyone who saw its 2008 telecast knows) is one of its best productions, an incidental nose-thumbing not only at the Metropolitan Opera's costlier, more-buzzed-about Anthony Minghella staging, but at the dubious dreck perpetually paraded by me-first directors like Alden.
Because, among other things, he read mortgage bond prospectuses--such bonds being the financial instruments created from the dreck and dross of the sub-prime tranches.