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Synonyms for drearily

in a cheerless manner


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We often had occasion to pity Americans whom we found traveling drearily among strangers with no friends to exchange pains and pleasures with.
The anthem was interminable, and you had to stand drearily while it was being sung; you could not hear the droning sermon, and your body twitched because you had to sit still when you wanted to move about.
I s'pose I shall keep on goin' round this blessed island," he said drearily.
The maid having answered the bell, drearily respectful even at this hour though muffled in a mackintosh, the passage was left in silence.
I suppose I'll just have to drop out next year," she thought drearily, "and teach a district school again until I earn enough to finish my course.
On the floor of the dancing-room, which opened out at the rear, three couples were waltzing drearily to the strains of a violin and a piano.
After she left him he sat drearily, with drooping shoulders, on the edge of the bed, gazing about him with lack-lustre eyes that saw nothing until the torn wrapper of a magazine, which had come in the morning's mail and which lay unopened, shot a gleam of light into his darkened brain.
The cheerless laughter broke out again--and died away again drearily in a sigh.
John Want shook his head again, and smiled more drearily than ever.
It's ever so much worse than when he was so sick last fall," said Cecily drearily.
And so Tom descended, and wended his way drearily by the side of the keeper, up to the Schoolhouse, where they arrived just at locking-up.
The Prime Minister's lady had just squeezed herself into her sedan, and her daughter, the charming Ida, had put on her calash and clogs; when the English party came out, the boy yawning drearily, the Major taking great pains in keeping the shawl over Mrs.
The overcoat he had pawned at Uncle Sam's, and he and Saxon had eaten drearily at a Japanese restaurant which in some miraculous way managed to set a semi-satisfying meal for ten cents.
The day wore on to its end drearily and miserably enough, I can tell you.
Far as the shore was, the sound of the surf swept over the intervening moorland, and beat drearily in my ears when I entered the churchyard.