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a pleasing country existing only in dreams or imagination

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Susan Buck-Morss, Dreamworld and Catastrophe: The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West (Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England: MIT Press 2000)
the happy (private) consumer -- a capitalist dreamworld founded on the colonization of space confronting a socialist one premised on the colonization of time.
The strange young poet, initially an unknown passer-by and literary visitor with an odd inability to tolerate sunlight, becomes the focal point of a dreamworld overwhelming everyday reality and filling Denise's curious need for imaginary, illusory companionship.
Emphasizing a continuity between daily life and the dreamworlds of fashion, film, and TV, he refuses the possibility of a single, coherent truth.
Outside the laminated dreamworlds of Madison Avenue band suburban Christianity, where do you go to find shiny happy people?
Feliciano Centurion's painted blankets and the threatening dreamworlds encapsulated in Sebastian Gordin's small boxes reflect the same disquieting bewilderment.