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Synonyms for dreamlike

Synonyms for dreamlike

of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

Synonyms for dreamlike

resembling a dream


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The enigmatic titles of many of the photographs, including ``Suspended Fish,'' ``Fable of the Dog and the Cloud'' and ``The Black Grief,'' add to their mystique as such familiar things as hands, books or hair become part of a symbolic dreamlike landscape.
Dreamlike and fraught with imagery, the piece opens with Berriel on a trapeze against a full moon in a dark and cloudy sky.
This dreamlike eight-minute piece features a naked Joo swimming in two thousand pounds of crystallized monosodium glutamate, performing a parody of evolution (swimming, then crawling, then standing) in the Great Salt Flats of Utah, and serving as a human salt lick for an elk in South Korea's northern mountains.
9 percent of the population and have never heard of Anderson, a Cornell professor best-known for his views on nationalism and ``imagined communities,'' then this movie might prompt you to drift off in a dreamlike state that is far from the movie's intended purpose.
Pierrot's lunar quality was developed in a dreamlike sequence, with ecstasy on one side of the stage and dismal unhappiness on the other.
The voice-over text is unusually well written; while there may be holes in the story or lapses in verisimilitude, they only add to the dreamlike fatalism of the drifting, fragmented tale.
It adds up to a dreamlike movie with the same themes played at a much slower pace, a sometimes glacial gait that might not please some of ``Lola's'' video game fans, but they'll just have to get over it.
But the piece is successful on its own terms because of the consistency of the dreamlike world it creates.
Lins has been working with air vents, air ducts, and puffy-cloud imagery for several years; here she has loosened and complicated her usual strict forms and endowed each work with an elaborate dreamlike narrative.
JULY 26: ``Blood of a Poet'' (``Le Sang d'un Poete''), directed by Jean Cocteau (France, 1930) - Cocteau's dreamlike first film stretches the medium to its limits in an effort to evoke the creative process.
They dance in unison, eyes closed, in a dreamlike version of legong, accompanied alternately by a female and a male choir.
My new film investigates how this dreamlike environment affects relationships and discussions among the intellectuals--as well as their solitary meditations on individuality and liberty.
A 1986 series by Rogelio Lopez Marin (known as Gory and who is now an expatriate living in Miami), ``Es Solo Agua en Lagrima de un Extrano (It's Only Water in the Teardrop of a Stranger),'' which uses prose, has a dreamlike quality to it.
Crowley and Stanko Milov were regal in the "step duet," while Lesley Bories and Jiabin Pan subtly approached the walks, poses, and supported passages with dreamlike romanticism.
Christian Schad's self-portrait of 1927, included in curators Jill Lloyd and Michael Peppiatt's large retrospective of the artist's work at the Neue Galerie in New York, is a haunting image that--partly because of the picture surface's seductive smoothness and partly due to the subject matter's dreamlike perversity-persists in the mind's eye long after the actual experience of viewing the painting.