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untroubled by dreams

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Unable in the darkness to penetrate the thickets of manzanita and other undergrowth, utterly bewildered and overcome with fatigue, he had lain down near the root of a large madrono and fallen into a dreamless sleep.
She must have been very tired for she fell asleep at once, but after an hour or two of dreamless sleep, she dreamt.
But on this occasion he had fallen at once into a dreamless sleep.
There had been no snow up to this time, but as Diana crossed the old log bridge on her homeward way the white flakes were beginning to flutter down over the fields and woods, russet and gray in their dreamless sleep.
I am confident that his sleep was stupefied and dreamless, and that he awoke next day merely to heaviness and moroseness, and that if he lives to-day he does not remember that night, so passing was it as an incident.
John Willet, left alone in his dismantled bar, continued to sit staring about him; awake as to his eyes, certainly, but with all his powers of reason and reflection in a sound and dreamless sleep.
Slowly the eyelids drooped over the tired eyes, and the head sunk lower and lower upon the breast, until the man's grizzled beard was mixed with the gold tresses of his companion, and both slept the same deep and dreamless slumber.
Some of those dreamless sleepers lay close within the shadow of the church--touching the wall, as if they clung to it for comfort and protection.
The king is weary with the chase, and lieth in his palace these two hours sleeping a dreamless sleep.
But at last deep dreamless sleep came; her head, guarded by her bonnet, found a pillow against the gorsy wall, and the poor soul, driven to and fro between two equal terrors, found the one relief that was possible to it--the relief of unconsciousness.
For instance, previous studies have shown that non-rapid eye movement (non-REM) sleep - or dreamless sleep - is crucial for consolidating memories.
Dreamless Sleep, the embodied mind, and consciousness.
Up at the outpost cabin, one by one, the policeman, the banker, the attorney, the kid, and I awoke, shook off the last remnants of deep and dreamless sleeps.
Beginning with the observation that the representation of sleep, even in its elemental dreamless form, performs aesthetic functions, delineates the individual psyche, and reveals cultural values, Wallace explores sleep in modernist and postmodernist literature in terms of from hypnos to the hypnoglyph, a life in the day of a hypnoglyph: vertical slumber and other typicalities, the size of sleep: sizing the self, latter-day Ariadnes: from hypnoglyph to somnoscript, alternate Endymions and other Ariadnes, and the hypnoglyph and the misclosure of the postmodern.