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Synonyms for dreamland

land of make-believe


Synonyms for dreamland

a pleasing country existing only in dreams or imagination

References in classic literature ?
He was plunging into a beautiful dreamland when his ears caught a whisper, thin and sharp, above the monotonous babble round the fire.
Those words of Lydgate's were like a sad milestone marking how far he had travelled from his old dreamland, in which Rosamond Vincy appeared to be that perfect piece of womanhood who would reverence her husband's mind after the fashion of an accomplished mermaid, using her comb and looking-glass and singing her song for the relaxation of his adored wisdom alone.
 Why, back there in Dreamland, renewing his lease
With her chin propped on her hands and her eyes fixed on the blue glimpse of the Lake of Shining Waters that the west window afforded, she was far away in a gorgeous dreamland hearing and seeing nothing save her own wonderful visions.
And there we were, the four of us, upon the dreamland, the lost world, of Maple White.
DreamLand Expo is set to be the largest 2018 gaming and eSports destination in Bahrain with tournaments in nine games, in addition to various stage events, special guest appearances, and a multitude of gaming activities.
It has been a year of celebrations at Dreamland Aqua Park as it completed 20 successful years welcoming and taking over ten million visitors to edge of thrill and excitement.
com/2017/07/28/stitchers-watch-season-3-episode-8-video-kirsten-cameron/) Dreamland ," Camille (Allison Scagliotti), Kirsten (Emma Ishta), Linus (Ritesh Rajan) and Cameron are all gathered inside the Stitchers office.
The author of Scarlett Undercover, Jennifer Latham doesn't shy away from the hard truth in her new historical novel, Dreamland Burning.
Dreamland is the "first all-inclusive and accessible indoor play centre in Europe".
European Championships and send the nation into dreamland.
Dreamland Leisure Ltd and Others (1) concerned a dispute over the ownership of a mural entitled Art Buff by the street artist known as Banksy.
Margate's Dreamland gets some extra thrills this week.
By turns romantic, fantastical, and terrifying, Dreamland will have broad genre appeal and will be easy to booktalk.
com)-- On August 10, the Duluth Downtown Development Authority executed a formal Development, Purchase and Sales Agreement with Dreamland Restaurants of Atlanta, Inc.