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Synonyms for dreamland

land of make-believe


Synonyms for dreamland

a pleasing country existing only in dreams or imagination

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He takes us to dreamland, and when we lay down the book we wake up to real life.
With her chin propped on her hands and her eyes fixed on the blue glimpse of the Lake of Shining Waters that the west window afforded, she was far away in a gorgeous dreamland hearing and seeing nothing save her own wonderful visions.
That itself would be better than having it overrun with some horde who know nothing of the geography of dreamland, and nothing of the history that has given this house its soul and its identity.
It is not much of a dream, considering the vast extent of the domains of dreamland, and their wonderful productions; it is only remarkable for being unusually restless and unusually real.
Why, they was four rounds I was in dreamland all the time .
Claim & Cruise Away gives customers ample reasons to celebrate and have fun before the peak summer months as we have the popular Dreamland Aqua Park and du as our partners.
Up to 60 firefighters tackled the blaze which threatened to destroy Britain's oldest surviving rollercoaster at the former Dreamland amusement park in Margate, Kent, on Monday evening.
The squad is stationed in a Baathist retreat in Fallujah known as Dreamland.
5 DREAMLAND ARTIST CLUB What began in 2003 as artist Steve Powers's personal project to repaint every dilapidated sign in Coney Island became an ongoing and ever-growing group effort called the Dreamland Artist Club when Creative Time joined him the following year.
Set this serene-smelling sachet on the bedside, and you'll be off to Dreamland.
A number of American designers observed that there were less exhibitors at Dreamland, citing some of the regulars like Frette and Pierre Frey among those that did not exhibit this year.
I had imagined that an Expo site five years on would have the look of a declining funfair, something like poor Margate's Dreamland.
Accompanied by his new bandStrage Sensation he was given the hero's welcome he deserves by a capacity crowd before launching into material from his stunning new album Dreamland.
While Osbourne plays America's favourite befuddled dad, Plant is touring with his first solo album in nine years, Dreamland.