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a relaxed comfortable feeling


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But a sort of blankness, even dreaminess, had begun by degrees to take possession of him; at moments he forgot himself, or rather, forgot what was of importance, and caught at trifles.
After the restored birth prologue, Gamero emphasized the purposeful dreaminess of Apollo, interacting with his muses the way an artist might delve into creation.
It is a quality rare among poets, a combination of clear down-to-earthness with the sort of wild dreaminess of Lorca or Rimbaud, as in this passage from "May":
FINLAND Edea Aava (Widths): Having, in previous years, tried reggae and country and western, without noticeable success, Finland have cleverly opted this year for a combination of Enya-like dreaminess and Riverdance folkiness.
While Divakaruni could obviously be compared to Isabel Allende and Laura Esquivel for the dreaminess of her prose and strong imagination, the effect of her writing is closer to American Indian writer Louise Erdrich.
Gorky's write and sing in Welsh (as do Ectogram), switching at will to English as if it were the most natural thing in the world - take the wonderful "Merched Yn Neud Gwallt Eu Gilydd" (Girls doing each other's hair) - much as they switch from the queasy dreaminess of the English psychedelic eccentrics (Kevin Ayers, Syd Barrett) to the great drinking song in "Lechyd Da" (Good health), complete with sitar, chinking glasses, and bar operatics.
These new ailments cover a wide range of emotions and behaviours from anger to dreaminess.
I never thought in those terms, and the "mythic" nature of my book, its dreaminess, was simply the way things had felt to me.
Dreaminess and procrastination are both my best and worst habits
A washed-out backdrop, in which parts of the paint literally peel off the canvas, contribute to the painting's dreaminess.
In one way, this focus connects with David Teh's analysis of Mysterious Object at Noon in "Itinerant Cinema," where he argues, "For all the dreaminess of his films, the unconscious that Apichatpong taps--or that taps him--is as much collective as it is individual" (604).
With English star Foxes adding a dash of dreaminess, Britney Spears kooky update of Suzanne Vega's Tom's Diner, and Kelis bringing a soulful edge to Back And Forth, it's hard to argue with the old fellow.
The film as a whole has a romantic dreaminess to it, which demands that you follow its beautiful cinematography and flowing editing on its magical and romantic journey.
The social divisions, the boredom, the dances, the irrepressible awkwardness and the irrational dreaminess of high school students never before seemed so accessible, and so neatly packaged with a perfect soundtrack -- even if their scope was rather limited to a particular set of middle-class students.