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Synonyms for dreamer

Synonyms for dreamer

a person inclined to be imaginative or idealistic but impractical

Synonyms for dreamer

someone who is dreaming

Related Words

someone guided more by ideals than by practical considerations

a person who escapes into a world of fantasy

References in classic literature ?
But the dreamer kneeled on his knees and prayed her stay yet a while to teach him to know Falsehood also, as well as Truth.
Left alone the dreamer watched the preparations for the wedding.
And over this pardon a priest and Piers began so loudly to dispute that the dreamer awoke,
Reflect: is not the dreamer, sleeping or waking, one who likens dissimilar things, who puts the copy in the place of the real object?
But take the case of the other, who recognises the existence of absolute beauty and is able to distinguish the idea from the objects which participate in the idea, neither putting the objects in the place of the idea nor the idea in the place of the objects-- is he a dreamer, or is he awake?
Helene," he said quietly, "I suppose that you, who knew nothing of me till you left school, have looked upon me always as a selfish, passionless creature - a weaver of plots, perhaps sometimes a dreamer of dreams, but a person wholly self-centred, always self-engrossed?
He was a dreamer in such wise, because he was a man who had, deep- rooted in his nature, a belief in all the gentle and good things his life had been without.
Let the idealists, the dreamers about earthly angel and human flowers, just look here while I open my portfolio and show them a sketch or two, pencilled after nature.
But come before the lark with its shrill song Has waked a world of dreamers.
As he approached, he heard the noise of the pulleys which grated under the weight of the massy pails; he also fancied he heard the melancholy moaning of the water which falls back again into the wells -- a sad, funereal, solemn sound, which strikes the ear of the child and the poet -- both dreamers -- which the English call splash; Arabian poets, gasgachau; and which we Frenchmen, who would be poets, can only translate by a paraphrase -- the noise of water falling into water.
Sigmund Freud and his psychoanalytic offspring held that the imagery of dreams has psychological significance for the dreamer.
Dreamers from all sites will gather at Daniel Freeman Elementary School for a Dreamer Day of Service to engage in several activities and small projects that serve their communities.
OVERSIDE Dreamer is the latest world-class, British-bred sire to join Cogent's sexed semen stud.
5, 1949, for example, the dreamer, incongruously dressed like a preppy college student, is trapped in an outsized glass bottle deposited on the beach; in Articulos electricos para el hogar (Electrical appliances for the home), Sueno no.
IT HAS worked before - most notably with National Velvet and a young Elizabeth Taylor - and the formula works splendidly again in Dreamer.