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battleship that has big guns all of the same caliber

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The US dreadnought battleships New York, Delaware, Wyoming, Florida and Texas formed the 6th Battle Squadron within the British Grand Fleet.
Desired Tone: Heavier-gauge strings will accentuate your guitar's bass register producing the deep and strong tones that dreadnoughts are prized for.
Jefferies and Herbert Cole, published in the Dreadnought during this period.
This could have been further supported by brief chapters explaining the strategic situation in the naval war at that point; the role of the key personalities; and the original thinking behind the development of the "fast Dreadnought cruiser" as a warship type, insofar as it might help explain the platform's performance in the battle itself.
THE urgent telegram delivered to the battleship HMS Dreadnought, pride of the Royal Navy, in 1910, sent its officers into a frenzy.
Nothing displays the beauty of wood as exquisitely as a well-built dreadnought guitar.
One of the most significant production items to come out of Longbridge in this period was the Dreadnought, an armoured vehicle which fully utilised the expertise of the motor production staff who remained at the plant during the war.
This effort was just part of its continued targeting of Khamenehi in a project codenamed Operation Dreadnought.
The agency immediately organized a high-tech espionage mission, part of a continuing project focused on Ayatollah Khamenei called Operation Dreadnought," the report said.
Dreadnought, the Flag Ship of Admiral Sir William May, Commander-in-Chief of the Home Fleet, recorded this entry for 7 February 1910:
From the start, HMS Dreadnought was an iconic vessel, larger and faster than any previous capital ship.
The early-20th-century steel-hulled dreadnought, propelled by a steam turbine and better armed than its wind-powered predecessors, presented the first modern challenge.
It's a dreadnought body with an inlay-filled trinity symbol around the sound hole .
When the HMS Dreadnought first entered British naval service in 1906, she was by no means the first to bear that name, but in recognition of the technological revolution the ship represented and its impact on naval history an entire class of ship came to be known as Dreadnoughts, although the iconic status of the Dreadnought reached well into spheres beyond naval technology and strategy.