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one of many long thin braids of hair radiating from the scalp

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Sanchez has always had dreadlocks and does not want them cut off because they are part of his father's culture.
He left the shop with his eight-inch dreadlocks in a bag.
Henrik said: "I want to do something with the dreadlocks.
The assailant was described as a thin black man, aged between his late 20s and early 30s, between 5ft 6in and 5ft 7in with collar-length dreadlocks.
One is black, of athletic build and with dreadlocks.
A BUS company today unveiled a new range of headgear specially designed to cater for the dreadlocks of its Rastafarian drivers.
SHAKE out the dreadlocks and unearth that flowered shirt from the bottom of your wardrobe.
Detectives are anxious to trace a man they describe as black, of average build, aged about 25, with short hair shaved at the sides with dreadlocks on top
Gone are the dreadlocks which made the Luton striker one of the most colourful players in Ireland's march to the European Under-18 title in Cyprus last summer.
I can just see Cameron and his gang getting high as kites back at college, in top hats with dreadlocks spilling down to their tails, a fag keeping an eye on the door, and the future Tory leader expounding on a ganja-induced vision:
Played by a game Tilda Swinton in upswept dreadlocks, great furry frocks and what appear to be huge black contact lenses, Jadis has locked the land into a permanent winter that the arrival of the human children, prophecy foretells, will turn to spring and the end of her reign.
Hair today Ben Simpson in his performance artiste alter ego Simpo and (below) shorn of his dreadlocks
Third in the influential locks list was reggae legend Bob Marley's magnificent dreadlocks.
The robber was a black man, aged 23-24, thin, 5ft 9in, and with three- inch dreadlocks.
The man police are looking for is described as black, 6ft 3ins tall, of large build with dreadlocks.