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one of many long thin braids of hair radiating from the scalp

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EBay fan Alex Goodacre had to spend hours searching the internet after his dreadlocks didn't turn out as planned and he realised the lack of dread care products available in the UK.
Having our dreadlocks completely shaved off will show solidarity with those who totally lose their hair as a side-effect of cancer treatment.
Zak Hardy, 16, spent a year-and-a-half growing dreadlocks, but let friends and fellow students from Billingham's Bede College chop them off.
Poet Richard Grant, alias Dreadlock and poet assistant Shaun Smist are seen here with All Saints pupils Samuel Snow, Kirsty Morrison, Iona Lusty and (front) Luke Dyde.
The ex-Motherwell man, who scored in Sunday's play-off win over Reading, sports a hairstyle somewhere between Afro and dreadlock.
They were going to games wearing dreadlock wigs and the reason they loved him was that he was a total entertainer.
Parents everywhere were dreading the dreadlock rush after he revealed all against Motherwell on Saturday.
Although Jones built his reputation around his dreadlock hairstyle and is a player who can irritate teammates during practice, his teammates know Jones has improved his skills each year.
My dad ate a fried dreadlock for KISS-FM yesterday to get the tickets,'' said Camila Gonzalez, a seventh-grader at Walter Reed Middle School.
Hold each dreadlock upright with one hand and squirt with protective blow-dry spray.
The second half of the evening will feature all the usual 10cc classics, including Dreadlock Holiday, Rubber Bullets, I'm Not In Love, The Dean and I, and I'm Mandy Fly Me, making these shows a must-see for old and new fans alike.
In the UK, the band had 11 Top 10 singles and three No 1s - Rubber Bullets, I'm Not In Love and Dreadlock Holiday.
It was Dreadlock Man, his powerful voice now addressing at least half the subway car.
A SOLID bill of poetic talent, such as MC Lorna Meehan, Matt Windell, Charlie Jordan and two past Birmingham Poet Laureates, Spoz and Dreadlock Alien, opened the proceedings at the recent "Rhymes" event by launching "The West Midlands Youth Poetry Slam Project.
Part 2: Sunday, June 21, 2pm Dreadlock Rock - Documentary following Californian musician Jack Miller, who went to Jamaica in 1977 and met reggae greats.