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one of many long thin braids of hair radiating from the scalp

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In his essay, Lin explained that Nets staffer Savannah Hart, who is African-American, and teammate DeMarre Carroll, encouraged him to start his dreadlocks.
In the movie industry, caucasian dreadlocks are in demand - for Viking scenes.
You wouldn't have known Dreadlock used to be a stray," she said.
A young man in his 20s with dreadlocks and baggy pants got up and offered his seat to the guy who'd just entered the subway car with me.
It was shocking because I was sharing the stage with Dreadlock Alien and thought I was nowhere near his level of talent, but he beckoned me forward and told me to enjoy the applause.
EBay fan Alex Goodacre had to spend hours searching the internet after his dreadlocks didn't turn out as planned and he realised the lack of dread care products available in the UK.
Having our dreadlocks completely shaved off will show solidarity with those who totally lose their hair as a side-effect of cancer treatment.
The Toxteth actor, complete with new look dreadlock extensions, was attending the event to pay tribute to Liverpool comedian George Roper.
Grant, who performs under the alias Dreadlock Alien, was among several experts at the educational event, which aimed to inject fun into studying English Literature.
They included the Mayor of Solihull, Coun David Bell, former Birmingham Poet Laureate Richard Grant, aka Dreadlock Alien, local poet Martin Hayes, and Birmingham Mail executive editor Stacey Barnfield.
YOUNGSTERS from a Nuneaton school rapped with the Dreadlock Alien as part of their Black History Month celebrations.
Students donated pounds 1 to charity to get the chance to cut off a dreadlock.
LANCASTER - The FBI is investigating a bank robbery carried out by a gunman disguised in a ski mask and a companion in a shoulder-length dreadlock wig.
The notoriously hard-to-animate creatures are also the film's most visually impressive creations, all wriggling dreadlock tentacles and translucent membranes.
Yesterday Rio's new shaved look' Monday Ferdinand's old dreadlock look