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a quality of extreme unpleasantness

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Nevertheless, the music playing in the background is powerful, and, though the ravine in the film may not look much like the "real" Babi Yar, it evokes, on some plane, its dreadfulness.
Featuring possibly the worst acting I've seen in quite some time, "The Singer" is equally surreal and hilarious in its dreadfulness, boasting every conceivable cliche, archetype and platitude there is.
Andy Dufresne erected La Nozze de Figaro as his personal utopian redoubt in the midst of Shawshank's dreadfulness.
Her mother has already steeled Miriam against "the farmyard dreadfulness of intercourse" (Jeffers 201), describing it as her marital duty to be endured: "'But all my life.
To fully understand the incredible dreadfulness of this booklet, and the underlying dehumanization of disabled veterans, one must only look at the section, "What makes your life worth living?
192) Montesquieu's dread of men passing death sentences on other men pales in comparison to the dreadfulness of death itself, which, as the one thing no-one has ever lived to experience, stands alone, without precedent, and unlike anything we know or can ever know.
The early sections, dealing with the medieval and early modern periods, add up to little more than a sustained caricature of the dreadfulness of bygone ages which makes the 'Horrible Histories' series look like well-researched and subtly nuanced accounts of the past.
With this sentence, he deliberately undermines the very basis of the dreadfulness of sexual assault against women.
It is the central trauma of the narrative, in measuring the collective devastation and the internal psychological ones as well--the story here is told graphically in its entire dreadfulness.
Leaving that decision to the reader, the poems "raise[s] the shade" on tragedy in forms that defy recognition and fail, though for no lack of dreadfulness, to evoke the same shock as public, "caged" horrors.
The Lives of Others deals with the dreadfulness of the interpellative mode of always and already being spied upon, and the truly fearful and reciprocal effects, in terms of individual pscyhologies, that this has on both the one who spies and the one who is the subject of spying.
Nishiyama was arrested in 1972, I was a rookie lawyer, and I was aware of the dreadfulness of state power,'' Fujimori said.
Last year it was dreadful, and I have no doubt that its dreadfulness prompted many Silver Ring customers to give Royal Ascot a miss this year.
The only incident in which Agnes reports Isabelle's own words concerning Notre Seigneur stresses the dreadfulness of his judgment, rather than the sweetness of his embrace or the fleshiness of his body.
Inveterate hack Peter Hymams directs like he's blindfolded while a cast that includes Edward Burns, Catherine McCor-mack and a shamelessly overacting Ben Kingsley in a white fright wig flounder through the increasingly risible plot against a backdrop of appallingly awful cartoon looking CGI cars and buildings that are only outdone in their mind-boggling dreadfulness by the even worse CGI creatures.