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Then she had feared lest her effort at fellowship should be unwelcome; now she dreaded going to the spot where she foresaw that she must bind herself to a fellowship from which she shrank.
Now Guph had heard, during his long lifetime, many tales of these dreaded Phanfasms; so he had heard of this barrier of melted lava, and also he had been told that there was a narrow bridge that spanned it in one place.
Do not ask me," cried I, putting my hands before my eyes, for I thought I saw the dreaded spectre glide into the room; "HE can tell.
The research found all these fears and insecurities had disappeared by the time their second child had arrived as just 15 per cent saying they dreaded the school run.
Many among them were part of encounter teams that killed dreaded criminals in the state.
Summary: After being ignored for promotion, a team of 14 policemen that eliminated several dreaded dacoits knocked the doors of high court.
If we had the dreaded infestation the writing was in red so I always attempted to hold my card close to my chest.
Briefing mediapersons, the Sub Divisional Officer of Bhanupratappur Police Station disclosed that one of the arrested persons is a dreaded ultra who was wanted in a string of criminal cases.
Apparently it's not all peppermint and presents at this joyous time of year- a whopping 90 percent noted at least one thing they dreaded about the winter holidays.
PATIENTS terrified by the dreaded sound of the dentist's drill could benefit from a new invention.
Very soon icy winds will begin to blow With the possibility of the dreaded snow.
The holiday nightmare can even begin on the plane - 20 per cent of the women said they dreaded trying to squeeze themselves into the small seats.
A PRO-MOTORIST lobby group claims that speed cameras can INCREASE the risk of accidents on major roads because we tend to slam on our brakes when we see one of the dreaded yellow boxes.
DANCING IN THE STREET The dreaded drink Oh, what problems it can cause Sometimes we don't know When to stop Labels and cheap booze Add fire to the flames The great escape, Into something else Out of control Taking time out Dancing on the street Let the world spin around Falling to the ground The Friday night streets And people you meet Strangers in the dream Lives falling apart Broken and scared This alcohol dream What does it mean Letting go, Flying to the Moon The dreaded drink And looking for pink elephants In a lost city Of let's party till late On a double date KENNETH MOOD
The screeching sirens, which often go off in the middle of the night, beat the dreaded egg timer that appears on your computer screens when information is loading.