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They were eclectic craftsmen with the swank of Bel Air and the work ethic of dray horses.
POLICE horses for sure, plenty of riders in Hyde Park, stacks of military mounts and, most important of all, the dray horses to cart the capital's supply of beer around the place.
I do not remember any brewery, but at the one end of the street, carts pulled by dray horses were often seen, which were almost surely used for delivering coal.
The massive Shire dray horses, matching bays with four white stockings, with their tack and their haul of cups, trophies and rosettes, are a great delight.
They were hauliers, directing the teams of dray horses that dragged tubs of coal from the face to the mine shaft to be winched up to the surface.
also the massive Hancock's dray horses that once a week would be seen walking down Leckwith Road to make their delivery of beer.
The subject harks back to an earlier age when our beer was delivered via a cart drawn by dray horses.
There could be an equestrian display, Tetley's dray horses would impress I'm sure.
Sometimes mom would take us to meet dad at lunchtime and we'd go in and see the wonderful huge dray horses stabled there, for a small child it was heaven.
We were both sweating like dray horses on the short journey and it was a relief when the ceremony was over and we arrived at the hotel for the reception.
Two huge dray horses, loaned by M R Roberts, a local man, were brought on stage and their harnesses were tied to Mary's waist by a rope.
ELEVEN dray horses are being put out to grass as last orders are called on an historic brewery.
WHEN little Alfie Waker first caught sight of a team of brewery dray horses it began an amazing friendship.
field work The Tetley dray horses with head horseman Dudley Parker (left) and groom Frank Trott when the horses retired last year