dray horse

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I found a piece that was cracked and sweatier than a dray horse and remarked to Ann that it was as old as Joanna.
If only we could go a stage further and insist on dray horses delivering the stuff too - that would be bliss.
And some breweries recognised that dray horses were closely associated with their products.
TETLEY dray horses were brought in to help raise cash at the Royal Exchange pub in Middlesbrough back in 1991.
At one time, coach men were loaned from Scottish and Newcastle Brewery to ferry the Lord Mayor around and later the council borrowed dray horses from Beamish Museum.
His hobby is not cheap: a pair of dray horses, for a Youngs & Co Brewery cart, set him back over pounds 500.
And watch out for the famous dray horses, pictured, from Robinson's brewery (makers of powerful Old Tom) in nearby Stockport
Until just after World War II, these 20-ton boats were pulled by dray horses.
I do not remember any brewery, but at the one end of the street, carts pulled by dray horses were often seen, which were almost surely used for delivering coal.
They were hauliers, directing the teams of dray horses that dragged tubs of coal from the face to the mine shaft to be winched up to the surface.
And for years, as unforgettable as the aroma of beer on the way, was the sight of Hancock's great white dray horses thunderously cavorting on the banks of the Taff after a day's work hauling barrels to pubs as far away as Swansea.
Sometimes mom would take us to meet dad at lunchtime and we'd go in and see the wonderful huge dray horses stabled there, for a small child it was heaven.
POLICE horses for sure, plenty of riders in Hyde Park, stacks of military mounts and, most important of all, the dray horses to cart the capital's supply of beer around the place.
WHEN little Alfie Waker first caught sight of a team of brewery dray horses it began an amazing friendship.