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a tie consisting of a cord that goes through a seam around an opening

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The brand focuses on providing superior support, comfort and isolation to active men via their patent pending adjustable drawstring support system.
Posted at around 8pm on Sunday, it read: "Have you lost a black vinyl drawstring bag in the Milnsbridge area?
Once the hood is properly positioned, then tighten the hood drawstring.
Corrosion protection work at the penetration points of the drawstrings through the cross member (18 points)
VOUCHER FREE BRAVE ACTIVITY BOOK VALID TODAY, JULY 23, 2012 ONLY To claim your free Brave Drawstring Bag at any RS McColl, McColls or Nisa store in Scotland, take this voucher along to your nearest store today.
To claim your free drawstring bag, take this voucher along to your nearest WHSmith store today (excluding airport and motorway service stations).
Greek consumer authorities ordered action to prevent China-made Miss One Girl's leatherette jackets posing strangulation risks from elastic hood drawstrings.
Instead of a drawstring, elastic molds the shoe to the foot.
In checking for other possible weapons, police said they found the bolt cutters tied by a drawstring underneath the man's jacket.
Using the simple vamp moccasin as an example (Figure 2) we see the drawstring applied around the edge of the body of the moccasin before a vamp piece is installed.
They will win a pair of tickets to see the film along with a boogie board, chrome pen set, messenger bag, notebook, pair of sunglasses, silver water bottle, drawstring bag and a character watch.
The five fun styles currently available (more are forthcoming) include backpacks ($24 to $26), a smaller handbag ($20), a drawstring bag ($28) and a messenger bag ($28).
I make simple drawstring bags out of a variety of materials, most of which are recycled or from garage sales, and find them useful for a plethora of purposes.
Each bag contains limited edition drawstring bags, baseball caps, CD holders and T-shirts.