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a tie consisting of a cord that goes through a seam around an opening

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The VIP Kit is pegged at P2,500, inclusive of a drifit shirt, headlamp, race bib, color packet, finisher's medal, drawstring bag, foldable water bottle, finisher's pillow, P1,000 worth of CM Merchandise GCs and a VIP Pass.
7) Each winner will receive an M&S Back to School black drawstring rucksack worth PS6.
Drawstring reticules of this type were no doubt modeled on European prototypes fashionable in Europe and North America during the second quarter of the nineteenth century and were used to hold ladies' miscellaneous personal effects.
Posted at around 8pm on Sunday, it read: "Have you lost a black vinyl drawstring bag in the Milnsbridge area?
Black lawn and leaf bags in 30-, 33- and 39-gallon sizes with twist-tie, flap-tie and drawstring closure styles
When they hear"drawstring death," most parents may think of strangulations occurring when the drawstring becomes entangled, strangulating the child.
If you can't secure the hook-and-loop fasteners for the hood, the drawstring is probably too tight.
Miles representatives will hand out numerous give-a-ways for the entire family including multi-colored drawstring backpacks, confetti flyers, mood pencils, yardsticks, balloons and eco-friendly carry bags.
50 drawstring elephant dr drawstring elephant drawstring elephant dr drawstring elephant dress was pounds 229, sale price pounds 160.
Kid's children's jackets over hood drawstring concerns, breaching European standards.
The credit union gave away drawstring backpacks full of school supplies to over 500 students.
com * The elastic comes pre-sewn on this split-sole leather shoe with stretch nylon insert, elastic binding, and no drawstring.
A man wearing bolt cutters tied by a drawstring and worn like a necklace was charged with first-degree theft and other offenses on Wednesday, Eugene police said.
Staff at Tiddlywinks, in Gloucester, were unable to resuscitate 16-month-old Molly Cunliffe, who had tangled herself on a drawstring bag tied to her travel-cot's bars.