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Synonyms for drawl

draw out

Words related to drawl

a slow speech pattern with prolonged vowels

lengthen and slow down or draw out

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You and your drawly voice" (Rhys 1934, 17-18)--although Anna's voice is much softer and more hesitant than Selina's.
The old formula is pretty much the same: the core events, the announcer with his drawly patter, the colorful grand entry, the flags carried by galloping riders--Old Glory and Old Rainbow fluttering side by side.
MAYBE it's a sign that things are going well when Glasgow actor Tony Curran answers his mobile phone in Los Angeles with a drawly 'hellaw'.
when they do not occur at the end of a clause; and aleak, drawly and Illinoisan are in Web3, as is sleeker as a noun.
Fash bird Kate Moss speaks like Stella McCartney speaks like Sadie Frost: they all talk drawly posh-come-Cockney with girlie giggles in between.