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Synonyms for drawl

draw out

Words related to drawl

a slow speech pattern with prolonged vowels

lengthen and slow down or draw out

References in classic literature ?
He spoke to her in a low voice, almost drawling, but in it was the quintessence of all loathing, as he called her a name unspeakable and vile.
The children were arranged in a semicircle round the new master, and he was soon listening to their dull, drawling, hesitating recital of those stories of engrossing interest which are to be found in the more antiquated spelling-books.
Hear and judge: The best of us, as I conceive, when we listen to a passage of Homer, or one of the tragedians, in which he represents some pitiful hero who is drawling out his sorrows in a long oration, or weeping, and smiting his breast--the best of us, you know, delight in giving way to sympathy, and are in raptures at the excellence of the poet who stirs our feelings most.
Grimsby repulsed him with a solemn wave of the hand, and then turning to me, continued, with the same drawling tones and strange uncertainty of utterance and heavy gravity of aspect as before:
Paddington came in, too, drawling and lisping and twiddling his hair; so did Champignac, and his chef--everybody with foison of compliments and pretty speeches--plaguing poor me, who longed to be rid of them, and was thinking every moment of the time of mon pauvre prisonnier.
But truly, truly, it's not my fault, or only my fault a little bit," she said, daintily drawling the words "a little bit.
Yes,' said the other, in a drawling manner, for he was fixing a very small patch of sticking plaster on a very small pimple near the corner of his mouth.
He was drunk, but spoke fluently and boldly, only occasionally losing the thread of his sentences and drawling his words.
The punky pop power gives way at times to drawling rock, acoustic troubadouring and even a Squeeze-sounding flashback but three albums in such quick succession is pushing the boat out perilously close to the rocks of over-indulgence and you can't help but feel the album works as a whole, but none are likely to trouble a future greatest hits package.
There may be no radio-friendly standouts but the end result - all dirty guitars, drawling vocals and honky-tonk piano - is a pure distillation of the messy, joyous essence of rock'n'roll itself, the Stones' finest.
WHEN a friend of a friend organised a plaque marking the Carry on Films at Pinewood Studios, special guest Leslie Phillips, top, explained he wouldn't be drawling "Hel-low
For Americans, the edge it gives can make quite a change from an English, drawling villain.
Playing the same ill-prepared, sleaze-obsessed bozo he does on the somewhat more successful (because it's shorter) Comedy Central series ``Primetime Glick,'' Short spends way too much time on the big screen dithering around with Jan Hooks, who plays Glick's crude, drawling wife, Dixie.
A kiddie comedy about a Cockney boy and his fluent fife shipwrecked on an island where everything talks and the mayor is a drawling dragon in cowboy boots, H.
Believe me, to love this book, you're going to have to be the kind of person who gets the vapors from reading sentences like, "With Rove handling his direct mail, Clements was in even better shape for his 1982 reelection bid against Mark White, the tall, drawling centrist attorney general who had replaced John Hill?