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Synonyms for drawl

draw out

Words related to drawl

a slow speech pattern with prolonged vowels

lengthen and slow down or draw out

References in classic literature ?
A very nice arrangement," Da Souza drawled with a devilish smile.
That is quite beside the question, Brentwood," Bertie drawled.
Well, stranger," the other drawled irritatingly, "I don't mind telling you that's something I ain't worked out for myself.
Roberts drawled his body to interposition between hostilities.
Beastly funny country over that way," the narrator drawled with perfect casualness.
Well," drawled Gilder, "when the train had gone on again, that man had gone too.
This greeting, drawled with an inimitable vocal caress in every syllable, close in her ear, caused Edna to give a startled little jump.
We could mail you the money from Parrus," drawled Raffles at length.
All right, guv'nor," drawled Raffles; "don't excite.
I wouldn't want that to happen for the world," Billy drawled.
I have heard of that speech," Lady Carey drawled, from her low seat.
The man's swum off," drawled out Hollis from the locker.
But it was easy to see where the comparison had come from, the precocious New Yorker's twangy, drawled delivery being a dead ringer for His Bobness, and that's before Willy started blowing on the old harmonica.
It's left to Leonard Cohen's spoken word Since You've Asked, Chrissie Hynde's drawled My Father, Rufus Wainwright's lush Albatross and James Mudriczki's startling industrial electronic treatment of Che to spark real interest in the proceedings.
drawled Sheriff McAllister, 2004, the mounted lawman somehow manages to miss a rather striking visual clue: One of the cowboys to whom he directs his inquiry is wearing a Stetson modeled, improbably, after a Rietveld chair.