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Synonyms for drawl

draw out

Words related to drawl

a slow speech pattern with prolonged vowels

lengthen and slow down or draw out

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In a way, the article summed up the Arkansas paradox: A bunch of people with sturdy, Southern drawls and ranchhand practicality going around changing the world.
Kentucky drawl was misleading I WAS strolling through a favourite Caernarvonshire holiday resort of mine recently when a long glittering Chevrolet drew up.
It's all such a far cry from his early hits New Shoes and Jenny Don't Be Hasty you could easily mistake Caustic Love for another artist altogether, except for Paolo's trademark Scottish drawl which is delivered with new-found aggression and passion on Iron Sky and first single Scream.
His downcast, downbeat, tender drawl that's Laughing reaches a new height in musical sarcasm while the rest is deeply reflective and barely above a whisper.
From the high school fun of Sixteen Saltines to the bitter drawl of Missing Pieces.
Of course, never in a million years would Charlie drawl anything or say anything that would be unpleasant in front of Miss Gallup.
And how the hell can they be sure it's Bono's bird unless it was wearing big platform shoes and talking complete bullshit with a Texas drawl.
Three years after her rock and roll album, Little Honey, the Louisiana songbird lends her delicious drawl to a set of country blues embellished by Elvis Costello's guest guitar.
The drawl has been reduced to 17 million till Feb 9.
He's clearly a victim of his own authenticity, but it's that same authenticity, along with a sticky southern drawl and a king's library of dope dealing metaphors, that have crowned him the mouth of the trap.
Next up: Impersonator Brent Mendenhall trots out his own Texas drawl in Bollywood's "Mission: Istaanbul," which is set for a fall release.
The authors have produced a solid book with a message that bears repeating: While kitchen gardening may be a universal language spoken in all parts of the world, it's a language with many unique dialects and accents, including a charming southern drawl.
It's a genuine Southern drawl, rooted in Satama's rural Oklahoma childhood.
His soft slow drawl evokes the sultry Southern atmosphere.
Will & Grace fans know Leslie Jordan as Beverley Leslie, but the actors wicked Southern drawl first reached national audiences in the 2000 cult film Sordid Lives, playwright Del Shores's white trash comedy.