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Synonyms for drawl

draw out

Words related to drawl

a slow speech pattern with prolonged vowels

lengthen and slow down or draw out

References in classic literature ?
I'll give you until noon, Daddy," said the girl in a voice which carried a more strongly defined tone of authority than her father's soft drawl, "and then I shall come into that room, if I have to use an axe, and bring you out--do you understand?
The geniality in his lazy Western drawl reassured them.
Little enough, good father, little enough," said the novice, speaking English with a broad West Saxon drawl.
He was a tall, lean, slack-jointed individual, and his walk, like his talk, was a smooth and languid drawl.
Alice almost stamped with irritation at the slow drawl in which he spoke.
It was Nutty speaking now, and it was impossible for Bill not to hear what he said, for Nutty had abandoned his customary drawl in favour of a high, excited tone.
Ye-e-es,' replied Bella, with a drawl of indifference.
Then began the hum of conning over lessons and getting them by heart, the whispered jest and stealthy game, and all the noise and drawl of school; and in the midst of the din sat the poor schoolmaster, the very image of meekness and simplicity, vainly attempting to fix his mind upon the duties of the day, and to forget his little friend.
His downcast, downbeat, tender drawl that's Laughing reaches a new height in musical sarcasm while the rest is deeply reflective and barely above a whisper.
From the high school fun of Sixteen Saltines to the bitter drawl of Missing Pieces.
And how the hell can they be sure it's Bono's bird unless it was wearing big platform shoes and talking complete bullshit with a Texas drawl.
Three years after her rock and roll album, Little Honey, the Louisiana songbird lends her delicious drawl to a set of country blues embellished by Elvis Costello's guest guitar.
The drawl has been reduced to 17 million till Feb 9.
USA Today states "Shepherd balances a fondness for music, motherhood and alcohol with a deep drawl and a straight-forwardness learned from the likes of Loretta Lynn.
His soft slow drawl evokes the sultry Southern atmosphere.