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a woodworker's knife to shave surfaces


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Logs from trees 1 through 40 were debarked by hand with a drawknife.
Then the work begins: He peels the wood clean with a drawknife, sands it smooth with air drum and flapper sanders and a handheld palm sander, and seals and treats it with industrial exterior lacquer.
Given a supply of suitable wood, the steps for carving or sculpting a duck decoy required some basic woodworking tools, such as a small hatchet, drawknife, pocketknife, wood rasp, and perhaps some sandpaper.
Frozen trees spit pitch as the hissing drawknife severs bark from wood.
For the best results, peel the bark off of the poles using a drawknife (bark practically falls off of poles cut eight to 12 months beforehand).
I accomplished this by carefully clamping the sapling in my vice and working with a drawknife and spokeshave.
At my feet, shavings from a drawknife lay on the ground.
An improved marketing strategy, including print ads, joining ASID, attending more trade shows and displaying in dealer showrooms has attributed to Drawknife Billiards' success and its first appearance in the WOOD 100.
First I built a shaving horse and using a drawknife, I had to peel all of the bark from the cedar.
Baldred set his son to planing oak deck planks, and then he started work with his steel-headed adze and drawknife on smoothing an arrow-straight shaft of ash that would be the ship's mainmast.
Next, we peeled the bark from several Hackberry poles using a drawknife (bark-on Hackberry poles rot quickly), then shaped and nailed them to the squared frames.
They dug the well and foundation by hand, dragged logs out of the woods with an old tractor, peeled the logs with a drawknife and placed them with the help of a homemade crane.
This has the appearance of a chamfer knife, but has replaceable blades on both edges and is too wide for a drawknife operation.
The drawknife is a two-handed open blade paring or surfacing tool long employed in the woodworking crafts.