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a woodworker's knife to shave surfaces


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When we needed to peel a number of not too large logs for a couple of projects, Steve scrounged up some scraps and made a quick and easy buck that was more open to leave room for the drawknife work.
Find some way to secure the handle and shape it round and smooth with a drawknife.
With a drawknife, the craftsman shaved the limb's midsection to a circumference small enough to grasp.
Frozen trees spit pitch as the hissing drawknife severs bark from wood.
An improved marketing strategy, including print ads, joining ASID, attending more trade shows and displaying in dealer showrooms has attributed to Drawknife Billiards' success and its first appearance in the WOOD 100.
First I built a shaving horse and using a drawknife, I had to peel all of the bark from the cedar.
The drawknife is a two-handed open blade paring or surfacing tool long employed in the woodworking crafts.
We left him there as the drawknife of dusk peeled back the world.