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a formal room where visitors can be received and entertained

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a private compartment on a sleeping car with three bunks and a toilet

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Contract notice: Supply and delivery of ducts, drawing rooms and equipment for the construction of infrastructure underground telecommunications.
Concluding, the PML President of NWFP Amir Muqam said that the dissidents conspiring in drawing rooms should return to their big bungalows in Lahore and Peshawar since they had no capacity to face the people and their dismal failure showed that money cannot buy people and politics.
All homes feature elegant gallery entries, family sized kitchens for cooking and entertaining, formal dining rooms, expansive drawing rooms, master bedroom suites with radiant heat in the master bathroom floors.
The sex pictures are therefore lent total license to be fringe-fantasies from a dark but posh world of indulgences staged on considerable estates in drawing rooms where the furnishings are sparse but old-school resplendent, the portraits are of ancestors, the music live, and the liquor abundant.
As a group of well-known Premiership stars revelled on the next table, we decided tofinish the night off with a Bellini and a Bailey's in one of the cosy residents' private drawing rooms, which we had to ourselves.
And we were drawing rooms full of men--and not that great-looking men
The hotel's interior was transformed into a Mississippi grand house with sitting, dining and drawing rooms decorated with Victorian furniture, floral wallpaper, china knickknacks, lace doilies on claw-footed tables and - natch - stacks of counterfeit bills.
Bedrooms, drawing rooms and halls have satellite television and telephone links, intruder alarms are fitted as standard and there is a security entry system.
Drawing rooms if the gathering were large enough, parlors and dining rooms otherwise, provided the private settings where men joined one another.
All drawing rooms have Adam style fireplaces as standard, with the option of alternative fireplace designs for buyers reserving at an early stage of building.
The original drawing rooms in the Main House have been restored to their former glory with their rococo plasterwork and cornices.