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the capacity for attracting people (customers or supporters)

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His current drawing power has, in turn, attracted more backers.
The National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC) blamed states' indiscipline in excessively drawing power from the grids as cause for this record-setting power crisis.
Such mergers would not only expand the target market of the league, but also improve the drawing power distribution.
Both sides of the Old Firm have drawing power across the world and that could be a positive for the Premier League.
For municipalities Wal-Mart's arrival can generate tax revenue from other businesses that gather to benefit from Wal-Mart's drawing power.
The tremendous response American ORT's Engineering Chapter received is due in no small measure to the amazing appeal and drawing power of our three extraordinary honorees," added Chapter chairman and the program's emcee, Frank Lombardi, of the Port Authority of New York and NJ.
The most important thing not to do to keep an icon popular, said Schafer, is to become complacent about its drawing power.
He also published a study in the Octobe 2003 issue of Nature Biotechnology showing that Rhodoferax provides a constant flow of electrons while oxidizing glucose at 80% electron efficiency--a boon for drawing power from carbohydrates.
They offer compact size, board load capabilities, and 12 or 24 v dc operation, drawing power only when the load is being moved for optimum efficiency and battery life.
The world of the otaku has a growing cult appeal around the globe, and Murakami has cashed in on its drawing power.
Under some rate structures there may be times when temporarily drawing power from the external grid is more cost efficient.
the marketing arm of "Market Watch" for Man Financial, the show has enough drawing power to be on approximately 250 radio stations across the country.
Los Tumbos is one of thousands of rural Cuban villages with schools, doctors' offices, salas de television, and hospitals drawing power from silicone-based solar panels.
Providing "ride-through" power to cover for sags or short-term outages (say, 30-60 minutes), by dynamically selecting and drawing power from the grid, batteries, backup generators, and other available sources
If the voltage is strong where the power plant is making nice fresh watts and pumping them into the Grid--but weak at the other end where too many customers are all drawing power from the Grid- -the imbalance in voltage between one end and the other interrupts the smooth electromagnetic field in the transmission system that helps the electricity flow.