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a tack for attaching papers to a bulletin board or drawing board

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NB: If you use plastic coated drawing pins this candle is decorative only and should not be lit
Staff used photographs of their sticky putty figures, made of the cheap, classroom adhesive and with drawing pins for buttons, on a background of footage of sheep and gritters.
We have about 25 or 30 people who come each day," Sister Margaret says, pointing to a world map on the wall which is covered with drawing pins - each showing a country those refugees have left behind.
And Syrian iron and steel nails, tacks, drawing pins, corrugated nails attract duties of 3.
Here are some simple ideas: Pin board Advent Calendar You will need: | Cork pin board | Paints | Drawing pins | Wrapped sweets.
Hampshire County Council was asked, "How many drawing pins does the council have?
It is right that questions are asked, security is reviewed and sturdier drawing pins selected for future matches.
The Boston-born artist takes common objects, such as water bottles, drawing pins, paper, salt, string, lamps, matchsticks and wire, and transforms them into delicate works that tilt precariously.
Teachers have contracted fatal cancers by putting children's work up on walls using drawing pins ( releasing asbestos into the classroom, it was said last night.
Mr Marshall said worries arose in situations where children were unaware of the dangers, such as poking drawing pins into notice boards.
Jean used 2,000 drawing pins and 500 black bin liners to shroud every room in black.
A UNIVERSITY student claims he was disqualified from the election for presidency of his students' union after pinning up campaign posters with staples instead of drawing pins.
To put on the two most boring over-rated sporting events it is Britain's misfortune to have to host simultaneously means that those sensible people who would rather eat drawing pins than watch grass-court tennis and motor racing can avoid both with one simple trip to the pub.
Staples are a danger, claiming 1,317 people; drawing pins have pointy bits on them, injuring 713 workers last year; rubber bands stretched to 402 injuries.
Pin loosely with drawing pins and sketch shape, breaking down into easy-to- handle sections, i.