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a tack for attaching papers to a bulletin board or drawing board

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It looks particularly impressive with gold and silver drawing pins at Christmas.
Then there's the upholstery fabric on the walls, which means they can put posters up with drawing pins without leaving a mark," Corkery added.
Push a drawing pin through the knot and fix it to the paper, in the middle along one long edge.
A drawing pin stuck on a wall releasing the tiniest amount of blue asbestos could prove deadly.
To blow the egg, prick a hole in both ends with a drawing pin.
A BIBLE half the width of a drawing pin head is the smallest item on offer in an auction of 4000 miniature books.
I was impressed at Halloween because I learned how to knock a drawing pin into the wall.
always seemed of a to be Indeed, where I can absolutely see the benefit of lifting all those weights with my triceps, nothing has altered as a result of half a decade of imagining I'm laying supine on a drawing pin.
Horrified parents fought desperately to save the life of their eight-year-old daughter as she choked on a drawing pin, a Teesside inquest heard.
The 68-year-old had been admitted to the hospital with complications after stepping on a drawing pin at home in Pitlochry, Perthshire, and ended up having his toe amputated.
As well as hitting the children, the Warrington couple would punish them by forcing them to squat against a wall over a drawing pin with their arms outstretched holding a pick axe handle until exhausted.
Eight-year-old Gabriella Rose Clemmitt, who choked on a drawing pin in front of her helpless parents, had a fascination with windmills.
GRANDAD Charles Bryson died from a hospital superbug - after he stepped on a drawing pin.
The accepted method would have been to attach the document with a drawing pin at the corner, allowing students to flick through the pages and read the profiles of all candidates.
She was the five-year-old who accidentally swallowed a drawing pin that stuck in her throat.