drawing off

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act of getting or draining something such as electricity or a liquid from a source


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Based on analysis of the situation at the state border, members of the joint commission will summarize data and present proposals for arrangements on drawing off border units and special units of internal affairs bodies of two states in places of permanent deployment.
In September 2008, a German court convicted three Turks of fraud for drawing off donations and using them for other purposes outside charity.
Drawing off of his over 20 years' experience in technology deployments, he will also offer insight into the potential difficulties organizations must confront when deploying retail technologies across multiple locations in a short time span.
At June 30, 2002 the level was $190 million and while it was forecast to approximate this amount through fiscal 2005, current state financial pressures are drawing off some moneys for general fund use.
Janis Reid Campillo, 45, of Woodland Hills would like to see a classic ``Seinfeld'' call-back with the final chapter drawing off 1992's ``The Cheever Letters'' episode.
So that the politics of Atlanta might have seemed like a game, a drawing off of rage from black people.
At June 30, 2002 the level was $190 million but current state financial pressures are drawing off some moneys for general fund use.
The method involves drawing off one or two cells from a very young embryo in order to diagnose certain genetic diseases, such as cystic fibrosis.
Proposition 2 allows police officers and firefighters to defer part of their retirement pay while drawing off some of the principal after being with their department for 25 years.
Flux Pumps has launched a new pump range that is compact but powerful, for a wide range of applications in drawing off, transferring and emptying liquids from barrels and containers.
With sales taxes on gin contributing ten percent of all government revenues, and distillation drawing off a glut of grain, there were powerful incentives for tolerating popular drinking.
This involves inserting a long needle through the mother's abdomen and drawing off fluid from the womb.
It was, and it was obvious that the performers were drawing off the energy of the crowd.