drawing lots

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making a chance decision by using lots (straws or pebbles etc

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Wales fear the dates of their big showdowns with England could be decided by the farce of FIFA drawing lots as their World Cup opponents try to stop what they see as a British carve-up today.
She specified that the draw would take place in the region where the respective public procurement deal was based, adding that the number of experts registered so far was insufficient and the authorities would strive to secure experts selected by drawing lots at least for big projects.
The baggage handling at the quayside was very efficient, drawing lots of excellent comments from the passengers.
BIG BROTHER contestants were caught in a saucy, nude pool romp after this week's evictions were decided by drawing lots.
The company limits the total number of travelers in the nine trips to 150 pairs, and will decide on the actual travelers on Friday by drawing lots.
I'm not sure if I would want to be drawing lots for jockeys every day of the week, but other aspects of the day could be applied to more racing.
Tom Petty's sold-out 20-show stand at San Francisco's famed Fillmore ballroom is drawing lots of attention, with a celebrity contingent including Winona Ryder, Jackson Browne and Counting Crows member Dave Bryson showing up to catch the intimate shows that began last Friday.
Hysan Place at Causeway Bay is a new project drawing lots of attention from companies looking for large space.
Four Slaithwaite councillors are pictured (left) drawing lots to see how long they will serve on Colne Valley Council.
THERE'S a possibility that England's World Cup fate will be decided today by drawing lots - but drawing lots is what put us in this predicament in the first place.
The Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society has asked the Central Election Commission Chairperson to repeatedly hold the drawing lots procedure among presidential candidates for televised debates.
If they have not met since 1970, the venue is decided by drawing lots.
He wrested Leamington Clarendon ward from the sitting Tory by drawing lots after voting ended in a dead heat.