drawing chalk

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colored chalks used by artists

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TWO teenage girls got on-the-spot pounds 80 fines for drawing chalk hearts and flowers on a pavement.
and you don't need panning permission for rubbish new sitcom The Estate Agents - such a stiff it's a wonder the CSI cast aren't drawing chalk lines round the scripts.
Drawing chalk pictures on paving slabs or playing with a skipping rope are just as entertaining as expensive computer games.
A FURIOUS dad told how his teenage daughter and her friend were fined for drawing chalk pictures on a pavement.
The tradition of Advent calendars began in the 19th century in Germany, and arose from an old custom where families marked down the days until Christmas by drawing chalk lines for every day in December until Christmas Eve.
Ever since the age of five, when he began drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk of his hometown in Astoria, Queens, Tony Bennett has had a lifelong passion and commitment to painting.
The only thing I know about racing is that you oppose a yard out of form and the Jeremy Noseda stable is so deathly right now that they're drawing chalk outlines.