drawing card

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an entertainer who attracts large audiences

a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers

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A deft blend of sports history and thriller, Drawing Card demonstrates the danger of a woman scorned, especially one with a mean curve ball.
That's absolutely been the drawing card on moving back to a traditional calendar.
It's been a good drawing card and firms up that team approach," he says.
Lack of high-speed Internet access in many areas and a shortage of Web sites in Portuguese make the Internet a less significant drawing card for prospective personal computer buyers.
The Michael Graves Collection provides framers with not only some of the finest matboards in the industry, but also with a powerful, brand-name drawing card they can use to attract customers to their business.
The drawing card at the Inn at Snakedance is a herd of Llamas, which are available for "Take a Llama to Lunch" wilderness tours guided by trained naturalists.
Notwithstanding a certain fixation on "the Orient" and the rather extravagant ethnographic postulation, the drawing card of Artforum no.
Another drawing card is the casting of the British production's Laurey: Josefina Gabrielle, whose background includes a stint with the National Ballet of Portugal, is an exceptional Laurey who dances the famous dream ballet herself.
The zoo expects Kimbia will become a drawing card together with other rare animals kept there -- five pygmy hippopotamuses and a giant panda.
In May 1998, Space City Partners started construction of the Space City Inn, a futuristic hotel they hoped would be the drawing card to make Space City Park a reality.
Stock options were the employee drawing card for many startups over the past few years.
Pic falls squarely in the Greek art-film tradition, not a drawing card for most viewers.
THE clash of Joannestown Cash and Concorde Direct in heat two of the Egan Catering Leger second round should prove a major drawing card at Shelbourne Park on Saturday.
MMPI show manager Chris Land agreed that opportunities for contract design were a prime drawing card for LivingSpaces exhibitors.
Neary has been likened by HBO to the American star Arturo Gatti and a meeting with the former IBF champion, like Neary a relentlessly brave pressure-fighter, would be a huge drawing card.