drawing board

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a smooth board on which paper is placed for making drawings

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Thus, the drawing board can get pretty scarred from overuse and abuse.
But the fact is Galway have slipped down the pecking order in Leinster and they have to go back to the drawing board yet again.
We will go back to the drawing board again and see, and I would expect us to still bring in two or three at least to try to give us a hand.
We know what we need to fix so we'll go back to the drawing board and fix it.
With the David Evans-trained filly Scarlet Rocks, already three times a runner-up, setting sail for home from a long way out, newcomer Drawing Board stayed on strongly to reel in the leader in the final strides of the 5f contest.
Their deliberations led to the AJ information library, in which latest building-technology was distilled and presented in partworks for use next to the drawing board.
LICHFIELD councillors have been forced back to the drawing board over an ambitious multi-million pound bid to restore the city's historic parks.
Along with other micromachines making their way from the drawing board to the real world, such devices may someday prove useful in disease research or industry.
Whatever it is and wherever it comes from, it isn't inspiration until it triggers some kind of response and forces you to the drawing board.
In November, 2004, Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, in reference to assisted suicide, stated, "It is time to go back to the drawing board in light of high-profile assisted suicides in Quebec and British Columbia.
The 3-D Drawing Board from Hearlihy is made of lightweight, yet rugged medium density fiberboard with precision-machined slots and a smooth, scratch-resistant, stainproof melamine surface.
A $170 million computer overhaul intended to give Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents and analysts an instantaneous, paperless way to exchange information about criminal cases and terrorism threats is going back to the drawing board and may cost U.
The registered traveler initiative has been on the drawing board for two years.
However, Back to the Drawing Board makes the point that both heterogeneity and resistance construct the identities of African-Canadian women and their feminist experiences.
No one has explained the periodical's subtext better than Christopher Ross, the State Department's special adviser on public diplomacy, who presumably helped Hi off the drawing board and onto Arab newsstands.