drawing board

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a smooth board on which paper is placed for making drawings

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We will go back to the drawing board again and see, and I would expect us to still bring in two or three at least to try to give us a hand.
We know what we need to fix so we'll go back to the drawing board and fix it.
With the David Evans-trained filly Scarlet Rocks, already three times a runner-up, setting sail for home from a long way out, newcomer Drawing Board stayed on strongly to reel in the leader in the final strides of the 5f contest.
LICHFIELD councillors have been forced back to the drawing board over an ambitious multi-million pound bid to restore the city's historic parks.
Their deliberations led to the AJ information library, in which latest building-technology was distilled and presented in partworks for use next to the drawing board.
SIMPLE STROKES While the first microswimming machine resembles one of nature's designs for a tiny swimmer, many other swimmers now on drawing boards stray far from what's known from biology.
Should they return to the drawing board, the public diplomacy mandarins might recall how the Egyptian historian al-Jabarti reacted to the French occupation of his country in 1798 by trying to read what French proclamations in Arabic actually said.
The registered traveler initiative has been on the drawing board for two years.
ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed said: "I thought the England and Wales Cricket Board had taken steps in relation to player safety which meant they were on top of this issue, but it's back to the drawing board.
The decision will send lawmakers back to the drawing board to create a new way to promote the Commandments on government property.
On the drawing board at the University of Southern Mississippi are plans for a water park, complete with water slides, a river and something called a wet deck for sunbathing.
Those thoughts resulted in this magazine, and Haki was among the original advisors when Black Issues Book Review was still on the drawing board.
Although the Immigration and Naturalization Service's SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) plan has been on the drawing board since 1993, it took on a new urgency following last fall's terrorist attacks.
The Government was yesterday told to go back to the drawing board over pensions by former Social Security Minister Frank Field.
A $170 million computer overhaul intended to give Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents and analysts an instantaneous, paperless way to exchange information about criminal cases and terrorism threats is going back to the drawing board and may cost U.