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Synonyms for drawer

the person who writes a check or draft instructing the drawee to pay someone else

an artist skilled at drawing

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I might have a drawerful of lacy thongs for all they know, and before I go any further I would like to add that their idea of old- fashioned knickers is anything that covers a belly button - not those roomy knee-length elasticated leg sort my granny used to expose when she sat on a low chair.
From grannies who basted their legs brown during the war to their granddaughters with a drawerful of Wonderbras, we have never been above making the most of our natural assets.
I've got a drawerful of letters in my desk that ask the same questions.
Stevenson said: "I have been restless at the channel for some time now and have a drawerful of ideas that as an editor I simply can't pursue.
Popular with ice-maidens - Ulrika Jonsson's got a drawerful.
I would always dream of being able to wear earrings and now I have a drawerful.
As for the hordes of players whom Cusworth is reportedly set to sign, in order to gain that cherished promotion spot next time, he says: "I've got a drawerful of CVs.
she insists, as you struggle in vain to explain that a) you won't, b) you've got a drawerful of them at home already and c) if you did need some, they're half the price at the local supermarket.