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a strong metal bar bearing a hook to attach something to be pulled

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com)-- Drawbar Springs are a unique design style which manages to create an extension spring function out of a compression spring with a number of specific benefits.
When a regular extension spring will undergo many cycles of deflection that will result in failure, compression springs fitted with a drawbar can be used to reduce the chance of catastrophic failure.
More advanced HSK drawbars provide long durability and high machine time availability over the life of the machine tool.
It is essential that the technology of the drawbar holding the tools ensures the highest level of precision.
Additionally, improper maintenance of the drawbar and lack of lubrication can reduce the tool holding force by as much as 70 percent.
Lubricate the threaded section of the drawbar, the thrust shoulder and the thrust washer with anti-seize lubricant.
These drawbars have an operator friendly design to reduce milling machine operator fatigue, increase safety, improve productivity, and eliminate operator stretching for tool setup.
The operation consists in supplying 576 coupler drawbars in order to replace the existing ones on Eurotunnel Pax vehicles
The delivrery of coupler drawbars will be staggered over 3 years in accordance with the planning of maintenance of our vehicles.
Replacement parts for all Kurt vises and power drawbars are now available for easy buying on-line at www.
c) Replacement of 576 coupler drawbars according to our maintenance procedures.
Most drawbars use a stack of four to eighty spring washers placed face-to-face, and back-to-back.
The remaining pressure (when a tool is in the spindle) is controlled by a nut threaded to the drawbar or spindle shaft.
In each of the 16 rear rollovers attributed to improper hitching, attachment of the tow chain to a point above the drawbar was the principal cause of the rollover.