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a strong metal bar bearing a hook to attach something to be pulled

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Fuel consumption was measured using a volumetric flow meter located on the dynamometer car coupled to the tractor, which function was to impose on the drawbar load levels controllably dosed and allocate the instrumental measurement.
Drawbar Springs are assemblies in which the main spring will compress as the drawbars extend under an applied load.
The relationship between the drawbar pull coefficient and the slip ratio was extracted from the testing data; the results were further used to study the influence of the design of experiment parameters on the traction efforts of studied tire on ice.
7 the response of a rigid wheel rolling on wet clay is shown in terms of its drawbar pull versus its slip ratio.
75m drawbar combination vehicle means the truck can now reach express stores more easily and with a larger payload than a rigid truck operating alone, resulting in reduced road miles.
At the lighter-duty end of the small-tractor spectrum are machines that look just like their bigger brothers, complete with large rear tires and a simple drawbar hitch.
When we look at the horsepower rating and the drawbar performance top to bottom, it goes a long way toward getting the machines on job sites.
The increased horsepower and powerful drawbar pull of the 2050M makes it ideal for these applications, and the greater fuel efficiency will help extend runtimes and minimize refueling needs.
Dirt accumulated on the drive wheels during the 10-hour drawbar test and the clearance between the engine flywheels and the drive wheels was so close that the built-up dirt actually stalled the engine.
To increase accuracy whilst reducing loading times, the new machines utilised drawbar automatic clamping.
You have probably seen or used the "drop pin" drawbar hammer strap that allows a tractor operator to hitch an implement without getting out of the cab.
Hitch any load only to the tractor's drawbar or a three-point hitch mechanism, which are lower than the rear axle.
Egypt's Minister of Finance Youssef Boutros-Ghali denied any near-term plans for replacement of microbuses through a government sponsored program similar to the taxi and drawbar trailer replacement programs, Al-Mal reported.
At the lighter-duty end of the spectrum are machines that look like miniature tractors, complete with large rear tires and a simple drawbar hitch.