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Synonyms for drawback

Synonyms for drawback

an unfavorable condition, circumstance, or characteristic

Words related to drawback

the quality of being a hindrance

References in classic literature ?
The only drawback I experience is when Americans sometimes express surprise that I should be travelling round alone; so you see it doesn't come from Europeans.
The usual drawback to success is that it annoys one's friends so; but in Annette's case this drawback was absent.
Wendy quite liked it, until Peter pointed out the drawbacks.
I suppose every country has some drawbacks, so even this almost perfect fairyland could not be quite perfect.
On the whole, it may be said that the time passed smoothly--with some occasional checks and drawbacks, which were the more easily endured seeing that they took their rise in Isabel's own conduct.
Still, in spite of these drawbacks, there was a latent charm in her expression, there was an inbred fascination in her manner, which instantly found its way to my sympathies and its hold on my admiration.
And yet, with these indisputable drawbacks, here was one of those women--the formidable few--who have the hearts of men and the peace of families at their mercy.
There are many serious drawbacks to the comforts of a family, the chief of which, perhaps, is being surrounded by convict servants.
Faithful to her custom, Jacquotte herself always brought in every dish one after another, a plan which had its drawbacks, for it compelled gluttonous folk to over-eat themselves, and the more abstemious, having satisfied their hunger at an early stage, were obliged to leave the best part of the dinner untouched.
Persons possessed of sluggish livers and tender hearts find two serious drawbacks to the enjoyment of a cruise at sea.
It was purged from the drawbacks of his personality, and I could not resist it.
In contrasting her system with that which we have modelled upon it, I merely seek to show that with all its drawbacks, ours has some advantages of its own.
However, Bella compensating for all drawbacks by responding to the advances of the Boffins in an engaging way, that easy pair were on the whole well satisfied, and proposed to the said Bella that as soon as they should be in a condition to receive her in a manner suitable to their desires, Mrs Boffin should return with notice of the fact.
If it was not for the drawback of her illnessbut I am afraid we must expect to see her grown thin, and looking very poorly.
Stryver, a man of little more than thirty, but looking twenty years older than he was, stout, loud, red, bluff, and free from any drawback of delicacy, had a pushing way of shouldering himself (morally and physically) into companies and conversations, that argued well for his shouldering his way up in life.