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ANYTIME Draw straws to see who drives when you make a day of it on a visit to Benromach distillery on the outskirts of Forres.
I suppose it wouldn't have been quite as bad if he had been really hungry like those poor chaps who get lost at sea for months and months and then finally draw straws to decide who should belunch,'' she said.
Trustees decided to make the men draw straws after saying they could not decide between them.
Families draw straws if a conflict arises over who has first dibs on a tool.
On girlie holidays they used to draw straws to see who would share my room.
Muroc Joint Unified School District trustees couldn't decide between applicants Adkins and Derek Dewar to fill the vacancy, so they had the men draw straws.
She told him the variety show must be a strain for the royals and added: "I bet when that envelope comes through the front door you all draw straws for who comes to this.