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Every effort of Seymour was made to draw off the attention of the young lady from a subject, that, however melancholy, seemed to possess peculiar charms for her.
But the moment must come when Jacob would move his right hand to draw off the lid of the tin box, and then David would sweep the guineas into the hole with the utmost address and swiftness, and immediately seat himself upon them.
Fancied to go well from a better draw off only 2lb higher.
The existing sludge draw off lines for Primary Clarifiers 5, 6, and 8 are too small and result in excessive wear on primary sludge pumps.
Hopefully, with the plans the manager has to build the sort of team he wants to, a team of his own players, the lads can draw off each other as well rather than having to rely on players coming in on loan, which is always difficult when they have to step into a situation like that.
I think that after last week, probably very few people believed that we could come here and get a draw off a Barca side that was going for the title," Courtois said.
A local business can provide a great amenity to the area 1 and draw off the amazing foot traffic from Second and Third Avenues, but at a fraction of the Avenue rents," said Richard Smith and Tatiana Jung, both directors at Winick Realty Group, who are representing the space on behalf of landlord 230 East 44th LLC.
The needle is used to draw off the fluid from the cavity, and then to inject anticancer drugs directly inside.