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But their argument resonates as the Olympic Games draw near, inspiring similar discussions in college newspaper offices and other intellectual incubators.
Our national psyche needs a balm upon it, and thus, first of all we call upon the God of all comfort to draw near to us as we draw near to Him," he said.
Limited-edition watches and clocks are also available as both Halloween and Christmas draw near.
Going forward, we feel that we are well positioned to win a meaningful share of the growing European NOx reduction market, and anticipate a greater number of contracts over the next five years as European Union deadlines for NOx reduction requirements draw near.
Blood pressures are rising, hearts are fluttering and palms are sweating as the holidays draw near.
Seeing the end of the war draw near, the doctors voted to open the health plan to non-Kaiser industries workers, thereby launching a whole new way of providing health care.
First, set-top decoder development programs are accelerating as initial delivery dates draw near.
The mission of his book is to help people draw near to God, especially when life hurts.
1 John 1:1,3 (New International Version) THE historical fact that Jesus came to Earth in the flesh is irrefutable proof that God will do anything to draw near to us.