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a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

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2), is unlike anything surviving by contemporary sculptors, or indeed draughtsmen of any kind.
The other two would help the draughtsmen and eventually work on their own.
The letter also included the same demands for the draughtsmen, as well as having their pay scale adjusted.
He was one of the first architectural draughtsmen to understand the potential drama of artificial light enhanced by mirrors and lenses, and one of the last to see the fearsome power of the ancients.
Staff directly affected include engineering draughtsmen, combat systems engineers and programme planners.
The Portfolio Analysis - Draughtsmen & Drawing Services is a comprehensive evaluation of the UK market.
The move will be led by current offshore projects and engineering director Garry Kennie and a team of engineers and draughtsmen, and others will be will be recruited locally.
On this day OCTOBER 16, 1961 About 60 draughtsmen and tracers employed at Hopkinsons Ltd, valve manufacturers, Britannia Works, Birkby, one of Huddersfield's biggest engineering concerns, went on strike today over a pay dispute.
ANYONE would think that the legal draughtsmen who formulate laws painstakingly leave loopholes for the criminals to exploit.
Robyn Haswell specialises in building services recruitment, which incorporates permanent and contract mechanical/electrical building services engineers and draughtsmen.
We no longer need to spend large sums of money advertising for skilled draughtsmen, as we are developing people from school leaving age.