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forceful and extreme and rigorous

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As the drastically decreased market demand shows no signs of recovery, continued input of hotels will stress the market further.
New technology in the UAE paint industry is helping to drastically reduce theenvironmental impact of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the coatings.
The US plans to drastically cut nitrogen oxide emissions under regulations to be applied starting in 2010.
Walter Pipan was surprised at the drastically lowered sound level in the outdoor mechanical yard where the chillers are located.
The company has drastically improved its service level from a dismal 67% of orders filled on time to 98% today, allowing products to make it to market within 35 to 40 days of manufacture, as opposed to the six to eight months it took a year ago.
They are drawn together despite their roots in drastically different worlds, yet in a land awash with the fires and slaughter of conquest, is there any hope for them to be together?
38), you refer to a standard concept of a person speeding "in a rocket traveling slightly less than the speed of light" and say that "motion at such enormous speeds drastically slows the clock for the traveler.
If you are running on a hilly course or rugged trail, your stride running uphill will be drastically different than your stride running downhill, which will be drastically different from your stride on flat ground.
The industry has watched its sales of CDs drastically drop since 1999.
Yet her great-nephew William the Conqueror would be the one to drastically alter the future of England.
While the applications are not as frequent in other parts of the country as they are in regions like Putumayo in the south, the total targeted land area has grown drastically over the past four years, and will reach an estimated total of 1.
As a result, the 2001 version drastically reduces the reserves insurers will be required to hold, thus granting them the opportunity to redesign products and to reduce premiums.
Continuous backup enables the capturing of minute changes to critical data-bases and offers the potential of drastically reducing the exposure of data to corruption and errors.
Since last fall, steel prices have drastically increased, due in part to China's booming industrial economy.