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These things attended to, and the hangings draped once more about the couch that they might hide the gruesome thing beneath, the girl once more threw her arms about the Englishman's neck and dragged him toward the soft and luxurious pillows above the dead man.
Madame's bedroom was draped in a fabric of true blue and furnished in a rococo manner.
Diana and Ruby and I are to be in it, all draped in white with flowing hair.
As corpses they thought to live; in black draped they their corpses; even in their talk do I still feel the evil flavour of charnel-houses.
At the doors of huts groups of women turned to look after him, warbling softly, and with gleaming eyes; armed men stood out of the way, submissive and erect; others approached from the side, bending their backs to address him humbly; an old woman stretched out a draped lean arm--"Blessings on thy head
The 'models' were led by Deepa Chandran, from the state of Kerala, who draped her classic cream and gold 'set mundu' in a conventional style.
The Philippine government has asked the family of the hostage-taker blamed for killing eight Chinese nationals from Hong Kong in a Manila park on Monday, to take away the Philippine flag draped over his coffin, a radio report said.
The King of Rock 'n' Roll was famous for the garish and naff jumpsuits he draped himself in, while on stage in Las Vegas, worn so he could get even more attention.
WHY is it when a Scottish soldier dies doing England's dirty work in Iraq his coffin is draped in the national flag of his own country and yet when a Welsh soldier dies in Iraq his coffin is draped in the Union Jack?
Quinton Ross was walking gingerly around the Clippers dressing room with a huge bag of ice draped around his lower back.
This work represents a boldly economic gesture: The artist draped a seventy-five-foot-long, ten-foot-high, paint-saturated canvas in swathes along two of the gallery's walls.
They range from 112 to 121 inches wide, allowing a six-foot-nine-inch person to be draped from fingertip to fingertip.
So in operation, the textile is picked up, the robot moves into the mold area and removes a part, indexes so that the cloth can be draped on retainer pins in the mold, drapes the textile, then moves out of the mold and places the finished part on an outgoing conveyor.
We suspected something was up when we spotted the delectable Miss Dahl leaving The Ivy draped in one last week.