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Synonyms for drink





drink something in


drink to something or someone


  • toast
  • salute
  • propose a toast to
  • pledge the health of
  • wish health to

the drink


  • the sea
  • the main
  • the deep
  • the ocean
  • the briny

Synonyms for drink

to take into the mouth and swallow (a liquid)

to take alcoholic liquor, especially excessively or habitually

to take in (moisture or liquid)

to salute by raising and drinking from a glass


any liquid that is fit for drinking

an act of drinking or the amount swallowed

Synonyms for drink

the act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess

any large deep body of water

propose a toast to

be fascinated or spell-bound by

drink excessive amounts of alcohol

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Among women overall, those who binged on alcohol before conceiving had a small but significant reduction in the odds of giving birth to an undersized infant relative to those who did not drink or who drank but did not binge (odds ratio, 0.
I fully agree with her that understanding how Russian workers drank helps us to understand better some of the large issues surrounding workers' culture and workers' interaction with the Soviet regime.
Everybody knew he drank occasionally, but he had work habits that were so phenomenal that we ignored it," recalls Jim Stewart, who covered him for the Atlanta Constitution.
Charlie Wilson's district returned him to office by a two-to-one margin after he revealed he drank excessively.
Similarly, one drinker said to a non-drinking lawyer interrogating him about intoxication, "If you drank liquor yourself you could help me tell what effect it has on a man, but when a man don't drink any it is hard to tell a man or satisfy him what feeling it has on one.
Did you drink or have you for eleven years drank intoxicating liquor of any shape?
Some had undoubtedly become familiar with the physical features that characterized individuals with FAS, others probably inferred a diagnosis from the fact that the child's mother drank heavily.
103] In many of the televised news reports of the legal steps that led to his execution, reporters referred to his counsel's claim that he had lacked competent psychiatric help at the time of trial, that his mental disorders had not been considered, and that "his mother drank heavily while pregnant and his father beat him.
While the runner also drank carbonated mineral water and fresh fruit juice - which are known to increase the risk of dental erosion, for the past year he had been drinking sports drinks regularly after training sessions.
Those subjects who drank alcohol and rated slides reported significantly less anxiety over the speech than the other participants.
The Harvard Nurses' Health Study, the major study of the connection between drinking and mortality among women, found that about three-quarters of all subjects had at least one such risk factor and were likely to live longer if they drank moderately.
The group's study found that men who drank two to four drinks daily had the lowest mortality rate.
One French study showed that while cirrhosis increased significantly in men who drank four to five drinks a day, the same increase was shown in women who drank only two to three drinks.
In an analysis of the Nurse's Health Study of almost 86,000 women, published in 1995 in the New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard University researchers found that women who drank more than three drinks a week had a significantly greater risk of breast cancer.
Legislators drank while in session; communion wine was part of Protestant services; the tavern was a family-oriented gathering place; and tavern keepers were highly respected members of the community.