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All of these essays concerning Verdi's dramaturgy and compositional process discuss Verdian dramaturgy through different aspects of staging, acting, costuming, and singing conventions, and offer valuable insights not only into his musical works but also into nineteenth-century Italian operatic production.
Due to the limited space in the present article, however, we mainly present qualitative analyses of major changes in dramaturgy of TVA between 2008 and 2013 (section 6).
Theater companies should have a strong dramaturgy team and also a variety of directors.
The thirteen case studies offer a mix of commentary on dramaturgy ('Staging violence'), textual features in performance ('Opening scenes', 'The Visual Rhetoric of Dumb Shows'), theatre history ('"Little eyases"'), composition ('Collaborative Writing'), and print ('Title Pages').
Germaine Goetz-Sota's study on Greene's dramaturgy and manic-depressive dynamics has two parts: the first develops the theoretical connection and her diagnosis of Greene while the second part applies that theory to his plays.
As an adviser to the Edinburgh Music Festival in his native Scotland, in 1990 Mr Melville-Mason played a major role in focusing its dramaturgy on Bohuslav Martina, and in the following year on Antonin Dvorak.
The second part, 'conditions' has papers discussing economics in Shakespeare's writings, social status, domestic life, 'gender', the use of language, dramaturgy and censorship.
Starting on July 22, this week-long tribute to dramaturgy will see Lebanese student theater troupes from LAU and other Lebanese universities stage their work alongside that of performers from Belgium
The play's chronotopic dramaturgy replaces the neo-Aristotelian unities of Time and Place as a structuring strategy to question received politico-historical knowledge: its specifically delineated spaces are allowed to fluidly and dialogically converse.
From his PhD dissertation (1985) and monograph (1990), Price has extensively studied the political dramaturgy of Philipp Nicodemus Frischlin (1547-90), the volatile Tubingen professor who died in exile.
One leads through the English experience, from actor-manger dramaturgy in the nineteenth century and the first home appearance of the literary manager in William Archer and Barker's Schemes and Estimates for a National Theatre (1904) onward through Tynan to contemporary practice.
When we arrive at the detailed discussion of the individual adaptations, they contain some perceptive comparisons with the originals and some stimulating reflection on the relationship between dramatic theory and dramaturgy.
Both the arrest and the famous trial that followed were more a piece of dramaturgy than a legal proceeding.
Looking at each of Wilson's cycle plays that deal with the decades from 1900 to 2001, Elam elaborates Wilson's culturally and socially focused dramaturgy that illustrates both current social conditions and past oppression, and their impact on the very fabric of African American lives.
As he says, "Unlike Abbas Kiarostami or Mike Leigh, directors who observe 'reality' in some fashion that aspires to an unmediated treatment of the real, I was and I am always aware of the construction of things, and I always make that part of the dramaturgy of my stories.