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Synonyms for dramaturgical

of or relating to drama or the theater

Synonyms for dramaturgical

relating to the technical aspects of drama


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Confirmation and The Events are both products of and responses to the present political climate, offering readings of the ways they have assimilated the thinking of the contemporary far right and interrogated it dramaturgically.
Moreover, the location of the talking heads is not always journalistically or dramaturgically motivated.
In spite of the carnival atmosphere in the play, very little in A Midsummer Night's Dream is dramaturgically unrestrained, and the success of the play onstage depends on the commitment of an ensemble cast working within their prescribed roles.
From the relatively trivial (much of the show takes place in a strip club) to the previously unthinkable (a protagonist who is not only unheroic but profoundly and demonstrably evil) to the dramaturgically perverse (what did happen to that Chechen hit man who went running naked into the woods at the end of the "Pine Barrens" episode?
The playwright projects into the theatrical space an inner certainty that sexual and intimate relationships are doomed to fail, dramaturgically articulated through dominant tropes reflective of the inevitable loss of childhood innocence, and sibling relationships tainted by incest and rape.
The Bregenz exhibition used the three floors of the Peter Zumthor--designed Kunsthaus building for a dramaturgically clever presentation that amplified and condensed the works' effect.
I actually really love plays where the significant event happens in the middle, and where the changes are not necessarily traditionally dramaturgically dramatic, because in real life all this shit is happening all the time, right?
Still, dramaturgically, the transition from octave to sestet is just a regular scene change: at the end of the woman's second line, a playwright would indicate her exit and leave the lover alone to evoke the entrance of the new character.
Of course, comic contingencies spare Hal--and his audience--that dramaturgically disastrous outcome.
Sawdust and Stardust is also one of the first recipients of a bursary for emerging artists administered by Live Theatre and a theatre development organisation called The Empty Space "The New Writing department at Live said they would be interested in producing it and taking us forward dramaturgically.
But the point is, a translator must understand how each detail of the language functions linguistically and dramaturgically in order to create a new text that is a blueprint for performance as well as a dramatic narrative.
Dramaturgically, Charlie's praise of Yiddish does not move the play anywhere.
The Retributionists" is not quite as dramaturgically fiat-footed as last season's Holocaust drama, "Irena's Vow," but it doesn't have that play's meaty center of courage and self-sacrifice to compensate for its weaknesses.
Tamburlaine then explicitly cues her first two speeches by terms of address--his first speech is linguistically and (presumably) dramaturgically oriented towards her: "Come lady, let not this appal your thoughts" (1).