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Synonyms for dramaturgical

of or relating to drama or the theater

Synonyms for dramaturgical

relating to the technical aspects of drama


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And it is of special merit that White discusses "The Dramaturgical Poems and Their Contexts" extensively for forty-nine pages.
Within the theatre rehearsal process are five underlying dramaturgical elements of the theatre communication experience: (a) expressive behavior, (b) sustaining definitions, (c) visible presentations, (d) social establishments, and (e) impression management (Goffman, 1959).
The chapters on 1 Henry VI and Richard III are richest where they describe a dramaturgical practice as savvy as the intellectual work that critics often identify in Shakespeare's histories.
Havers, Grant, (2002)"Conspiracy : A Dramaturgical Explanation", International Journal of Group Tensions, No.
Schindler offers an interpretation of Plato that continues the trend toward honoring the dramaturgical elements as much as the philosophical arguments.
If this is true then an analysis of McGuinness's drama would suggest that the representation of homosexuality is a dramaturgical device which seeks to disrupt the concept of reality as constructed by Western patriarchal authority.
The dramaturgical problems of pasting a few characters one after the other amounts to a play without a clear purpose, mentioning all of society's problems without tackling any of the issues with a hint of depth or analysis.
Untitled (Act III: The Glorious Return), 2008, in tandem with the exhibition's title, "Act 1: The Departure," served to wryly indicate a dramaturgical narration via only prologue and epilogue, much as in Guysgocrazy.
Their thespian, dramaturgical roots, that is, not their comic ones.
Faced with the simultaneous challenge of potentiating audience impact and the degree of optical displacement, Aitken employs a kind of site-specific, dramaturgical Sensurround, interweaving these five individual journeys in cross perspective.
The members of the creative team are: Guy Laliberte, Guide; Daniele Finzi Pasca, Creator and Director; Line Tremblay, Director of Creation; Jean Rabasse, Set Designer and Decorator; Dominique Lemieux, Costume Designer; Philippe Leduc, Composer and Musical Director; Maria Bonzanigo, Composer and Musical Director; Martin Labrecque, Lighting Designer; Jonathan Deans, Sound Designer; Hugo Gargiulo (Teatro Sunil), Acting Designer; Antonio Vergamini (Teatro Sunil), Acting Designer; Dolores Heredia (Teatro Sunil), Dramaturgical Analyst; Danny Zen, Acrobatic Rigging Designer; Nathalie Gagne, Make-up Designer.
And yet, "a play that requires some actors to play more than one part not only imposes dramaturgical restraints on the playwright, but opens new dramaturgical opportunities as well.
To underscore the performance aspect of the interviewing process, I draw on dramaturgical theory in sociology (Goffman 1959), which emphasizes the way we present self-images to manage the impressions of others.
In their introductory essays, Elam's astute dramaturgical analysis provides context, and Alexander, a contributing playwright to the collection, adds personal insights.
2) to determine the literary and dramaturgical innovations that contributed toward the revival of tragedy in the Italian Renaissance.