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Nisar Qadri demonstrated the solo performance on the script written by Arshad Chahal that was a tribute to his acting career with the popular roles he dramatized throughout his life.
Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America,'' which aired Tuesday night, dramatized an outbreak of the H5N1 avian flu virus from its origins in a Hong Kong market to a pandemic virus that became easily transmittable among humans and spread rapidly around the world, killing several hundred million people.
Fans of Lifetime television or true story miniseries movies on TV will find appealing and engrossing the 'True Stories' collection movies, which are based on true events and dramatized for film.
This is a fully dramatized series of 12 Conan Doyle stories featuring his famous detective.
His public space is the everyperson's space, a less rarefied, dramatized, and privileged (or privatized) site than those of Gursky et al.
Cornish finds "correlatives to modern notions of how literature functions" (7), namely the sacrifice of astronomical accuracy to the poetry (98), epistemology as a dramatized theme, many skeptical messages, and the resulting epistemological indeterminacy as an opportunity for moral choice on the part of characters and readers (119).
In his long career McNally has deftly dramatized homophobia (most skillfully in his 1991 play Lips Together, Teeth Apart).
And Francois Girard, whose filming of Carbone 14's dance piece Le Dortoir scored prizes from Cannes to Chicago, totally changed Rhombus's expectations with the extraordinary success of the feature-length dramatized documentary, Thirty-two Short Films About Glenn Gould.
FonoLibro brings a dramatized version of approximately 10 hours of the international bestseller, with a full cast of more than 25 actors, original music, and sound effects, which will make the listeners feel as if they were present in the story.
The last seven days of the life of Jesus Christ are dramatized in the groundbreaking rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.
This audio offers an ideal package: a play that is still compelling and thought-provoking 400 years after it was written; a fully dramatized performance that is consistently excellent; and accompanying print materials that are comprehensive--including a scene-by-scene synopsis and notes on the background, theme, characterizations and language.
Through a meticulous orchestration of light, she dramatized these dowdy, limbolike spaces.
The lives of a funky crew of downtown Toronto teenagers are dramatized with empathy and compassion.
Clients and juries are influenced by what they've seen dramatized in 'The Practice,' 'Law and Order' and John Grisham novels -- a high expectation for today's attorneys.