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conversion into dramatic form

a dramatic representation

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The dramatizations are seamlessly edited into shots of the actual patients and victims themselves, so the entire clinical feature comes through as more of an organic whole.
6) a dramatization of an actual or fictitious event unless the dramatization contains the following prominently displayed notice: "DRAMATIZATION.
Favorites are NMA's take on the Amy Chua Tiger Morn debate, Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater losing his cool, and a dramatization of the Irish financial crisis featuring Guinness and leprechauns.
In the video dramatization, two visibly upset women approach two Olympic Trials volunteers and report that someone in a passing car just shouted an ugly racial slur at them.
While it is held in high esteem in Britain, Barnardo's and the home children program has been the subject of unfavorable articles, books and dramatizations in Canada over the past 50 years.
This is partly because Ballantyne Tree's dramatizations seem to hark back to an earlier generation of NFB social-problem films of the late 1940s and 1950s; dark earnest docudramas that have been banished as far from the canon as you can get.
Children then spent two hours on three separate days preparing dramatizations and presented their dramatizations to the class.
While her earlier films pivoted on social issues like the politics of desire in a sex-segregated state, this trio of works leaned toward heavy-handed dramatizations of hackneyed "universal" themes: life, death, insanity.
While some of the dances stressed literal dramatizations, others took a more abstract path.
Paley's is a subtle, yet clear, voice about children's passionate responses to story dramatizations.
Cable networks want to do programs that break out of the traditional formula," she adds, referring to such dramatizations as The Josephine Baker Story.
Many rituals may be thought of as dramatizations of the creation myth.
Each audiobook is performed in a unique reading style, with exciting voice narrations and dramatizations that entice the listener and make for a fun and satisfying alternative to printed books.
Unlike the Shakespeare play and other dramatizations of Julius Caesar, the TNT two-part miniseries ``Caesar,'' which starts toni alist whose underlying reason for getting into politics was a desire to serve the people of Rome and strengthen the empire.